[Cauliflower Calories]_Energy_Nutrition Value

[Cauliflower Calories]_Energy_Nutrition Value

Cauliflower is a very common vegetable. The practice of this vegetable is quite a bit, but now that some people want to lose weight, they do n’t want to eat some high-calorie foods, which is very bad for their bodyHowever, the calories contained in cauliflower are actually not so high or even relatively low, and can also exert weight loss effects.


Soon enough, there is enough full cauliflower to accumulate, but the amplitude is very low. The conversion of 1 cauliflower is only 23?
32 calories, you can quickly get a sense of satiety, reducing your chances of eating too much food that will cause obesity and danger, and you will not gain weight if you eat too much!


Helps to relieve edema. One of the causes of edema is to fight back edema, it is necessary to supplement vitamins C, E, iron, molybdenum and other nutrients.

Because vitamin E can promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, regulate hormone secretion, and improve severe edema, vitamin C can promote capillary health and eliminate edema.

Iron enables oxygen to be transported smoothly to various organs, and promotes basal metabolism. Molybdenum, which has hematopoietic function, has the effect of smoothing blood flow.

And these nutrients have cauliflower, so eating more cauliflower can help you relieve edema symptoms and make you lose weight successfully!


Improve constipation Cauliflower contains high dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help clear stools, allow the body waste to be smoothly discharged, improve constipation symptoms, and make your belly no longer hypertrophic due to full stools!


Enhances the resistance to vitamin a, c minerals potassium, calcium, selenium and other beta-carotene and fiber conversion is low.

Eating more can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease with hypertension.


The anti-cancer effect of anti-cancer cauliflower first lies in the dioxin contained in it, which can reduce the level of estrogen in the human body and prevent complications. Dioxin derivatives such as aromatic isothiocyanate and dithiophenolKetones can resist the toxicity of carcinogens such as benzopyrene.

Cauliflower contains an enzyme substance, radish, which can inactivate carcinogens and reduce the incidence of digestive and respiratory cancers. Therefore, nutritional medicine believes that women with stomach problems, especially women with family history of metabolism, eat more cauliflowerCan prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer and breast cancer.

In addition, cauliflower contains a large amount of cellulose, vitamin C, carotene, and trace elements, which have anti-cancer effects.