[Does eating seafood affect the wound?]_ Seafood_Injury_Danger

[Does eating seafood affect the wound?]_ Seafood_Injury_Danger

A wound is a symptom that everyone encounters. It is mainly caused by ruptured skin. When a wound occurs, doctors tell us that we cannot eat spicy food and seafood. It is mainly because eating seafood when there is a wound.Wound inflammation, and seafood is cold food, not suitable for patients to eat, when the wound is not crusted, try to avoid eating seafood and spicy spicy food.

1. Problem solving Generally speaking, if you have serious trauma, you must not eat seafood, because seafood such as seafood can cause wound inflammation, which is very detrimental to wound recovery, so this situation can be avoided, and if the wound has healedYou can eat seafood in moderation when it is almost in good condition, but the taste is lighter.

In short, it is best to avoid some irritating foods during the wound recovery period.

2. Opinions suggest that some foods containing hormones or foreign proteins can affect wound healing or even worsening alternatives, so try to avoid intake of such foods.

The other is some wine, spicy and pungent foods such as onion, ginger and garlic, and pickled foods should also be avoided.

In short, the general dietary principle after a physical injury is to avoid things that are hot and cold, so it is best not to eat seafood, but you can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

3. Warm reminder: After the wound appears, you must take reasonable measures to deal with it in time, and do not let the wound develop (although the human body has the function of self-healing, the process is extremely slow).

Generally, if the wound is small, you can treat it by yourself. If the wound shrinks, you must seek medical treatment in time.

Then pay attention to rest during wound healing, avoid re-exercise, and minimize the occurrence of stimulating blood circulation.