[Getting to eat oranges]_action_effect

[Getting to eat oranges]_action_effect

Many people often have symptoms of getting angry. For the case of getting angry, first of all, you need to eat more things that can regulate the body. Similar to eating oranges in moderation during the fire, oranges have high nutritional value and taste.It is also quite good, and it helps to promote digestion and absorption, but you can’t eat too much orange, because it will cause yellowing symptoms after eating too much.

Eating more oranges will ignite. Oranges contain a lot of sugar. Eating 1 kg of oranges can produce a scale of 1400 calories.

When a large amount of orange is not converted into a small amount of storage in time, and the demand for human activities cannot be consumed, it will cause an oversupply of conversion in the body, cause disorders of body function and dry tongue, sore throat, constipation, etc.Phenomenon is what people often say “eat more oranges and get angry”.

Oranges contain a lot of sugar, and eating 1 ton of oranges can produce 1,400 calories.

When a large amount of metabolites produced after overeating oranges cannot be converted into trace storage in time, and the demand for human activities cannot be consumed, it will cause an oversupply situation in the body, cause distortion of the body function, dry tongue, and sore throat., Constipation and other phenomena, that is, people often say that eating more oranges will get angry. ”

In addition, eating too much orange is also harmful to children’s mouth, teeth, and gastric mucosa.

If a child eats oranges in excess, the resulting transformation cannot be converted into a small amount stored in the body, and can not be consumed in time, it will cause “fire” by accumulation, manifested as stomatitis, periodontitis, laryngitis and constipation, etc.

This is because oranges are a food that supplements yang and qi, and children’s constitution is often “yin is often inadequate, while yang is often more than enough.” Oranges make “yang” more prosperous.

Therefore children cannot eat more oranges.

Oranges are warm and sweet.

Contains a variety of nutrients, vitamin C and d content is particularly high.

With Buyang Yiqi and other effects.

Can regulate human metabolism.

According to research, eating 3 oranges a day can meet a person’s daily requirement for vitamin c.

If you consume too much vitamin C, the amount of oxalic acid metabolized in the body will increase, which can easily cause urinary stones and kidney stones.

In addition, eating more is harmful to the mouth and teeth.