[Cooking method of cabbage kimchi]_Recommended diet

[Cooking method of cabbage kimchi]_Recommended diet

Winter is here, and I believe many people are already preparing pickled cabbage and pickles at home.

As long as the accumulation of a winter, you can enjoy delicious kimchi next spring.

Is a must-have for many families.

But do you know the right way to pickle cabbage kimchi?

This is also a trick, let’s discuss it together today.

In fact, there are many ingredients for pickled kimchi.

In addition to cabbage, you can also use spicy cabbage and carrot beans.

Today we will talk about cabbage in detail.

First prepare a few cabbages, a few onions, ginger and garlic, a bag of coarse salt, a few red peppers or sugar.

First prepare a pickled utensil, which can be used to wash and dry unused cola bottles. This is also a more common and alternative utensil.

Then cut the cabbage head and tail and shred.

Then put the sliced cabbage into a vegetable basin, add half a basin of clear water to the basin, and pour a bag of coarse salt into it and stir well until the coarse salt melts, so that the cabbage can better absorb the salty taste of salt.

After standing for half an hour, the water can be filtered to dry, and the cabbage can be washed and drained twice.

Finally, chop the onion and ginger and pound the garlic into the garlic.

Put it in the pot with the red pepper.

If the taste is different, you can also add an appropriate amount of sugar.

After all the ingredients are stirred well, add the cabbage and pour into the cola bottle.

I would like to remind everyone that you must stir thoroughly, you can taste the taste to see if it tastes good, and whether the seasoning is appropriate.

Finally, put the device in a flat place and let it sit at room temperature for a day, then add it to the refrigerator, it will become more delicious.

These are the tricks for pickling kimchi. Have you learned it?

In addition, fresh cabbage also has a sterilizing and disinfecting effect. It can be eaten by people with toothache and swollen to bring anti-inflammatory effect.

Eating cabbage can also improve the body’s resistance, immunity, and prevent colds.

If you want to be healthy, you can eat more of it.

However, it is said that kimchi has a carcinogenic effect, so please remember to consume it in moderation.