Selected health tea treatments suffer from chronic pharyngitis

Selected health tea treatments suffer from chronic pharyngitis

Chronic sore throat is a kind of frequently-occurring disease, which occurs in teachers, salesmen, entertainers and other people.

Common symptoms include pharyngeal foreign body sensation, itching, burning, dryness, slight pain, dry cough, and difficulty in coughing up phlegm.

The secretion can cause irritating cough, or brush your teeth and gargle, and nausea and nausea when talking for a long time.

Here are a few herbal teas and diet recipes to choose from.

  Fatty Sea Tea Fatty Sea 3 pieces of rock sugar.

First wash the fat sea with warm water, and then brew it with boiling sugar for 15 minutes with 1 dose daily, instead of tea.

This prescription has the effect of clearing away heat and nourishing the lungs, and promoting pharyngeal detoxification.

Applicable to acute and chronic pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, symptoms of sore throat, or itching for cough.

  Chrysanthemum tea fresh chrysanthemum, fresh tea leaves 30 grams each (15 grams each dry).

Cut up the 2 flavors, mash the juice together, and brew with 40 ml of cold water.

Dry products are fried soup for tea.

1 dose daily, anytime.

This formula has the effect of clearing heat and relieving throat, swelling and pain relief.

Indication of acute and chronic pharyngitis, sore throat, itching and discomfort.

Japanese whitening products that must be bought in Japan


Japanese whitening products that must be bought in Japan

Japanese skin care products have always been the first choice for Asian women, because compared to European and American brands, Japanese skin care products are closer to Asian women’s skin needs.

Of course, the most classic are whitening products. If you have the opportunity to travel to Japan, these items must be included in your pocket!


hzh {display: none; }  日系美白单品经典款推荐,总有一款适合你,从日本败货,你一定要知道!  Defeat

1: KOSE Sekkisei Toner KOSE Sekkisei is the first bottle of high-performance whitening beauty lotion, which can promote skin blood circulation and cell activation, prevent pigmentation, and create a fair and clear complexion.

Kernel extract: It can promote the skin’s metabolism, give the skin a sense of transparency and gloss, keep the skin smooth and soft, and prevent the skin from being rough.

  Comments from netizens: This product is what I always insist on.

White transparent water, although has a strong alcohol taste, but the whitening effect is really good.

Especially when using a paper film to apply a wet compress, there was a little surprise at the moment when the film underneath was peeled off. The skin was not allergic to alcohol, and it showed a clean, translucent and white skin.Effect, but will be more racially uniform than before.

2: KOSE new white Sekkisei netizen comment: I personally feel that this must be used in combination to achieve such an obvious effect.

The overall feeling of the skin has risen a step, it looks very shiny, plump and elastic, and it really feels white.

If you buy formal clothes for long-term use, the effect will be very good.

3: FANCL whitening and freckle extract FANCL whitening and freckle extract, a continuous vitamin C inducer, combined with the light spot extract ACWhite, and added SVCT whitening essence to enhance the dilute melanin.

Added jojoba leaf extract, which can inhibit melanin, remove free radicals and effectively inhibit tyrosinase related to pigmentation.

  Netizen comment: I used this 2 bottles, the whitening effect is not bad, it is not greasy after use, I like it very much!

4: FANCL Whitening Spot Mask Essence Mask User Comments: When it was first used, it was really amazing. After about 15 minutes of application, the complexion became brighter and the dullness disappeared.

Overall, it is a very good product.

5: KANEBO Kanebo Pyracantha Whitening Lotion This product has the functions of deep whitening, moisturizing, bright and transparent skin, moisturizing penetrates the stratum corneum and moisturizes, and immediately penetrates, so that precious water does not run off.

  Netizens comment: It smells alcoholic, it is cool to apply, and 80% has alcohol, so it is not suitable for sensitive MM with red blood.

6: Kanabao Kanabao Firethorn Whitening Night Cream Netizen comment: It is another thing that can be used on the eyes, saving eye cream!

It has the usual strange smell of the family, the thickness is relatively thick, you need to massage to absorb.

But even if I apply too much, it won’t make my forehead long, which makes me very satisfied.

And the amount is super-saving. It took three months to use it a little, and it didn’t bother me.

I used it as a massage mask once, but I didn’t see any effect. No matter how much I applied, it could be absorbed after a massage.

7: Shiseido Whitening Series. Shiseido’s original dual-effect repair vitamin C and bear grape leaf pigment. It intercepts the progress of melanin production inside and outside the pigment cells, exerts constant whitening repair, and continuously diminishes obvious freckles, dark spots and dullnessspot.

In addition, the rare Asian plant essence in the formula promotes the bright color of the epidermis and the improvement of the leather. It also rubs and soothes the delicate fragrance, so that the five senses are relaxed and the lustrous white skin is clear.

  Comments from netizens: This Shiseido whitening series, I feel OK after use, the texture is smooth and delicate after use, the whitening effect is OK.

8: AQUALABEL water whitening series users comment: I feel useless after using it, the price is not expensive, use it casually, basically can not feel any whitening effect.

9: DHC whitening emulsion DHC whitening emulsion contains persistent whitening α-arbutin, olive oil with excellent moisturizing power, vegetable squalane, etc.It can inhibit the production of melanin, supplement the necessary moisture and oil, while resisting the damage of ultraviolet rays, make the skin texture fine and beautiful, and make the skin have a charming and healthy luster.

The surface is mild and slightly acidic. It is a lightening whitening emulsion.

  Comments from netizens: The feeling of the lotion makes my skin very comfortable, and the dirt on the skin is gone. It feels clean to the touch. I like this product very much.

10: DHC whitening mask User comments: The whitening effect is not bad. The essence does not seem to be much, but it is watery when applied to the face.

It’s refreshing.

It’s just that the tailoring is poor.

Seven fruits suitable for children to eat in winter

Seven fruits suitable for children to eat in winter

Seven kinds of fruits are suitable for children to eat in the winter, and no matter what the transformation results of fruits or vegetables, we only care that it brings us some kind of health.

Clearing the lungs and detoxifying are its greatest benefits, and the crispy and juicy seasonal ravioli is equally popular in both dishes and desserts.

  The gentle personality of citrus makes it the king of fruit this fall. Although citrus can be found every season now, it is the best product that absorbs the essence of heaven and earth.

Needless to say its benefits, just thinking of its fresh taste is enough to eliminate Qiuzao, refreshing.

  Sugarcane returns to the lungs, stomach meridian, sweet and cool green-skinned sugarcane is one of the best foods for clearing the lungs.

In addition to rich sugar and moisture, it is also rich in a lot of vitamins and other substances that are very beneficial to human metabolism. In the south, people are used to making a variety of sugar water. The sweet and flowery juice makes the autumn beautiful.

  The pomegranate pomegranate has a strong exotic flavor throughout the body. It is warm in nature and sweet and sour. It enters the lungs, kidneys, large intestine meridians, refreshes and quenches thirst, and astringent and astringent. It is a good ingredient for autumn maintenance.

What’s more, pomegranate and other fruits are that it requires us to treat the coral red fruits carefully, making this moment full of childlike innocence.

  White peach The cheerful white peach is the most favorite fruit in autumn. The sweet and watery large white peach supplements the qi, nourishes the yin and refreshes, bites it down, and conquers the taste buds with the flesh of the flower immediately.

What’s more, it contains a colloidal substance, which makes it a beauty product. Who doesn’t want to be as moist as a peach with a blush?

  Grape grapes nourish qi and nourish blood, strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, have high nutritional value, and the sweet taste is very popular, and it has always been a symbol of auspiciousness with its fruity appearance.

Although the grapes in autumn have high sugar content, the glucose is easily absorbed by the human body, and proper consumption will not cause much burden.

In addition, grape seeds have recently appeared in skin care products of major top brands, and its antioxidant and maintenance effects are evident.

  Persimmons are soft and waxy and do not mature until autumn. The orange-red to golden fruit is indeed the best reflection of this season.

Fruity and astringent, cold, enter the lungs, spleen, stomach, large intestine meridian, clear the heat and moisturize the lungs, enjoy it, after the season, you have to wait for the coming year.

Test: Look at your loser index

Test: Look at your loser index

Question: The company held a Japanese-style roast meat dinner party tonight. Your devil’s boss has given you a lot of work for you to manage. After finishing the work given by your boss, you are already hungry.

At this moment, the caring colleague waved, “Come here, we are ready to eat!

“At first glance, there is freshly cooked food on the grill, would you?

  A, falsely said: “It doesn’t matter, you take it first!

B, so hungry, the food on the shelf was swept away immediately.

  C, remove 80% of the food from the rack.

  D, remove half of the food from the rack.

  The person who chose A in the analysis results: You are a person who “walks up, it is better to sit down”.

When it comes to financial management, I always think about it, but I do n’t see you really take a positive action for financial management. In this way, you think that the index of failure is not high, and after working for a few years, you ca n’t save anythingThe reason for money is that you don’t pay much attention to the flow of money.

Keep a close record and you will find that there is a lot of money you should not spend!

  The person who chooses B: You are a person who is very sensitive to money, open the notepad, in addition to the daily calendar, there should be a bookkeeping booklet!

You may know the source and flow of money, but do you think that money is saved slowly?

If you have a low index of failure, you might as well learn how to manage your finances, instead of just keeping your money, just think about your old life!

  The person who chooses C: You are an envy of financial idiots. When you buy beautiful clothes, the number in your passbook is still not reduced. This is because you know how to control the income and expenditure of money and have a certain expectation for yourself.For you, although the prodigal index is not low, but because you know how to manage your finances, you make your life worry-free.

  The person who chooses D: You are a person who knows how to save and is willing to spend money.

The usual savings for you are likely to spend a large budget at a time, unbelievable.

For you like this, the index of failure is determined by your mood.

Remind you that although you are very careful about money on weekdays, you must pay attention to the people around you, and don’t be deceived by others for corruption.

Repeated aphthous attacks

Repeated aphthous attacks

The spleen is mainly transported. If the spleen and stomach function is healthy, there is too much qi and blood, and the body fluid can be carried on.

The mouth is the spleen, so the complications of the spleen and stomach often involve the oral cavity. If the evil of Qiuzao invades the human body, the spleen and stomach have heat, and the fluid is deficient, it is easy to develop aphthous ulcers.

The tongue is the seedling of the heart, the fluid is insufficient, the heart yin is inadequate, the heart fire is vigorous, and it also causes sores on the tongue.

  The following dietary treatments can suffer from repeated aphthous ulcers — Ingredients for stewed mountain grouper of A. ginseng and Yuzhu: 10g of A. ginseng, 10g of Yuzhu, 100g of grouper, ginger, and appropriate amount of salt.

  Efficacy: Ginseng has a slightly cold taste, can nourish yin and lungs, and nourish the stomach.

Yuzhu is sweet and slightly cold, and it also has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, and nourishing the stomach and promoting fluids.

Mountain spotted fish is sweet and flat, can nourish yin and clear heat, and when combined with Ginseng and Yuzhu, it has more nourishing yin and clears heat.

  Production: Wash the mountain spotted fish, cut into sections, slice ginger, and put the cleaned ginseng, Yuzhu into a stew pot, add 300ml of water, simmer for 2 hours, season with salt.

  Applicable people: multiple oral cavity, recurrent ulcers and Qiuzao cough without sputum, hoarseness, dry mouth and hot, palms, etc. belong to Yin deficiency and internal heat.

  Note: Spleen deficiency and stool are not suitable.

  Five-Juice Drinking Material: 30ml pear juice, horseshoe juice, fresh coriander juice (or cane juice), 20ml each of winter wheat juice, 25ml fresh reed root juice, and appropriate amount of honey.

  Efficacy: Wu Jue Drink comes from Wu Jutong’s “Distinguishment of Warm Illness” from the Qing Dynasty. This drink has Shengjin nourishing fluid, clears the heart and removes troubles, and cleanses the lungs and stomach.

  Production: Fry the five juices, boil over high heat and let cool, add honey and stir well to serve.

If there is no fresh product of Ophiopogon and Reed Root, you can use 15g boiled water of medicinal herbs pieces instead.

  Applicable people: suitable for those who suffer from sore tongue, dry stomach, bitter lips, and dry lips.

  Note: Afraid of cold, poor stool is not suitable for living.

  Ingredients of A. ginseng and Odontoglossum congee and porridge: 20g of A. ginseng, 15g of Ophiopogon, 10g of Rhodium odorata, straight rice, moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Efficacy: Ginseng has a slightly cold taste, can nourish yin and lungs, and nourish the stomach.
Ophiopogon is sweet, slightly bitter and slightly cold, can nourish yin and lungs, nourish the stomach and promote fluids, clear the heart and remove annoyance.

Dengxin flowers are sweet, light, and slightly cold.

Combined with the effect of clearing the heart and moistening the lungs.

  Production: Washed with American ginseng, Ophiopogon, and Russula, add 1000ml water, decoction to remove residue and juice, add rice to make porridge.

When the porridge is ready, add an appropriate amount of rock candy to your personal taste.

  Applicable people: repeated sore tongue, body weight loss, dry mouth and dry throat, upset and insomnia.

  Note: It is not advisable for those who have bowel movements.

These three kinds of food, sugar friends don’t eat every day!

Everything will make blood sugar soar!

These three kinds of food, sugar friends don’t eat every day!
Everything will make blood sugar soar!

One day, people have to eat three meals, two of which are to eat staple food, that is, to eat a certain amount of rice or flour. The staple food is an indispensable part of human life, and it is also the source of the main energy of the human body.What we eat every day, the amount of glucose contained in it is very high.

This kind of nutrients is not everyone’s favorite. People who lose weight can’t avoid it. People with diabetes are also hostile to this thing.

People who try to lose weight think that it is a natural enemy, the culprit that causes them to not lose weight, and sugar friends think it is an accomplice to high blood sugar.

Then these two types of people began to refuse to eat staple foods. After a long time, they found that their bodies began to have problems. They couldn’t lift their spirits all day long. They would feel tired when they were very light and their appetite would be affected.

They are anxious, how should the staple food be the healthiest science?

Here we mainly focus on this group of people with diabetes, because eating too much staple food does cause their blood sugar to rise rapidly, and it is not conducive to controlling blood sugar after meals.

Eating diets without eating staple foods will make these people face the risk of hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis. The staple food must be eaten but eaten right, so it takes a lot of work, sugar friends.Usually try not to choose a staple food that raises the blood sugar level again. Some of the following can be excluded from the staple food list.

In the northern region, glutinous rice has another name called Jiangmi. It is a famous stomach food in both nutrition and medicine.

Moreover, the taste of glutinous rice is relatively sticky. Many middle-aged and elderly people like to eat it. It is not easy to chew. Even if it is a problem for the stomach, eating more glutinous rice can promote digestion and will not stimulate the stomach.

There are so many benefits to glutinous rice, but these benefits are not only friendly to diabetics. The starch structure in the cooked glutinous rice will change. This change is also the reason why glutinous rice is easily digested.

Food that is too easy to digest is not the best choice for sugar friends.

If you eat too much glutinous rice, the blood sugar rises, and there will be a phenomenon of thirst and frequent urination, and even serious complications will occur.

White flour is a kind of processed food. It is processed by wheat. The original wheat is rich in nutrients, but after processing, the nutrients are largely lost. However, the loss of nutrition can be exchanged for a beautiful taste.I like to eat food made from flour, and the taste is really very good.

This kind of deliciousness can only be enjoyed by healthy people. People with diabetes will gradually lose control when they eat too much flour.

But here is a point to note that sugar friends can’t touch a little flour, but don’t eat too much.

Here to give you a standard amount, sugar friends every day, the main food, there should be 1/3 of the ratio of coarse grains, the rest can be added to the amount of flour to make food, not all staple foods are mainly flour.

White rice white rice has swept a lot of staple food characters on the family table. The white rice is sticky and greasy, which is suitable for most people’s tastes, but it is also one of the refined grains.

The most feared of diabetics is the grain after finishing, so patients still eat less rice. If you eat too much, the sugar in the blood will rise rapidly after the meal.

Another point to note is that you should not think that rice porridge will not increase blood sugar, but white rice porridge is more likely to make blood sugar out of control than white rice.

Dear friends, what do you usually eat as a staple food?

Yoga methods for different constitutions

Yoga methods for different constitutions

Everyone has different physiques and seasons have different characteristics. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Indians practiced yoga. It had a significant effect on health in treating diseases.

  Earlier Yoga Sutra argumentation records: The “I” of the “physical body” is composed of four major elements (ground, water, fire, wind).

The combination of the four major elements becomes the essence of the human body. The wind element comes into contact with matter, causing the movement of matter in the body to generate energy. The bile in the body is a combination of water and fire elements, turning matter into energy, meeting with Jin breathing, and ground water.Elements work to nourish the body.

These four major balances make the body function free of obstacles.

  Yoga practitioners believe that if the four major imbalances of the human body cause a loss of balance, the body will be sick or sick. The four major harmony will lead to no illness and make the limbs happy!

  Classical consistency: Different people have their own particularities in form, function, and psychology. This physiological and physiological characteristic is called physique.

Physical fitness affects people’s ability to adapt to the environment and their ability to resist disease, as well as the severity of disease development during the onset of the disease. Elders affect the responsiveness of body treatments, thereby making the human body’s life processes such as life, old age, disease, and death,With obvious individual specificity.

  Physical problems help to analyze diseases, which are of mutual significance for diagnosis, treatment, prevention of diseases and health. First of all, we must understand the characteristics of different physical conditions of the human body.

For yoga keepers, you can choose corresponding measures and methods according to their different physical characteristics to enhance physical fitness, prevent diseases, promote physical health, and achieve longevity.

  Several common types of physical fitness yoga practice.

  First, the fiery physique: this kind of person’s physique is characterized by physical weight loss; palms and feet are hot; heart fire is large, hot and boring, easy to insomnia, dry stool, yellow urine; intolerance to spring and summer, cold drinks.

  Yoga health methods: 1. Spiritual recuperation: similar to the physical constitution of Yin Huo Wang Wang, irritable temperament, often upset and irritable. This is the reason why fire disturbs the spiritual roots, and should follow the “spiritual inner wisdom wisdom” health method.

Strengthen the self-cultivation of Vipassana cultivation, and develop a calm and calm habit.

Less participation in mandatory sports and other activities.

  2, diet nutrition: eat more light food, such as: glutinous rice, sesame, honey, dairy products, tofu, fish, vegetables and so on.

People with conditions can eat some supplementary foods, such as: sea cucumber, white fungus, cordyceps, etc., spicy and dry products should be eaten less.

  3, choose yoga practice: health exercises in the quiet background; such as: exercise, Vipassana meditation, asana exercise method of inner strength, etc .; should not be over-exercised asana, focus on adjusting liver and kidney.

  Second, the water-based physique: This kind of person is white and fat, or pale, with cold hands and feet; urine is usually long and clear, when the stool is thin, afraid of cold, cold; like warm.

  Yoga health methods: 1, mental conditioning: types of people due to lack of yang, often showing poor mood, joy and sadness; such people should be good at regulating their emotions, listen to music, walk outdoors and so on.

  2, diet and nutrition, eat more aphrodisiac foods, such as beef and mutton, grain porridge, etc., especially in the summer when the three volts, each volt tonic, to strengthen the body’s yang power.

  3, choose yoga practice: people with large physiques should strengthen physical exercise in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and can take outdoor sports; in yoga practice, more deep breathing exercises, choose a comprehensive adjustment of body assemblages, and increase the amount of exercise according to physical strengthWait.
  Third, the physical constitution: Those who have a fuzzy complexion, dark lips, dry skin, and dark eyes are mostly blood stasis constitution.

  Yoga health methods: 1. Choose yoga exercises: Do more dynamic exercises that are beneficial to the heart’s blood vessels, such as: Qi and blood promote asanas under stress; the meridian lines of the body can activate all parts of the body and help Qi and blood.The best choice for running.

  2, diet conditioning: often eat foods with blood circulation, such as peach kernel, black beans, rape, vinegar, etc., often cook some hawthorn porridge and peanut porridge.

You can also choose some medicines to promote blood circulation (Angelica, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Dihuang, Dimu, Wujiapi) and meat soup.

  3, consciousness adjustment: maintain the idea of yoga, guide yourself more; understand the way of yoga can make you overall balance.

  Fourth, windy constitution: Excessive body shape, muscle relaxation, indulgence in fat and sweet weight, are the obvious characteristics of phlegm-damp constitution.

  Yoga health methods: 1, environmental photography: avoid the rainy season, rheumatism and other invasion; not to live in a cold and cold environment.

  2, diet regulation: should eat more spleen and dampness; phlegm and dampness of food, such as white radish, lentils, cabbage, broad beans, onions, laver, ginkgo, red beans, etc.

Eat less fat and thick taste, beverages, alcoholic products, and should not be too full with each meal.

  3. Choosing yoga practice: People with physical constitutions are mostly obese and have heavy body weight due to stress. Therefore, they should stick to activities such as walking and jogging for a long time. The amount of yoga exercises should gradually increase the momentum, and the elasticity should be converted into the appropriate backgroundLet slack skin gradually turn into strong, dense muscles.

  In general, regardless of whether you belong to certain physical qualities, as long as you adhere to purposeful health care, you can continue to improve the quality of life and health, and adjust your body movement, diet, and mentality through yoga according to your own situationIn order to maintain the four major balances and gain healthy and lasting benefits, we can achieve the goals of strengthening our physique, preventing diseases and prolonging life. We believe that everyone can prolong their lives and become a comprehensive and healthy person.

Dating Raid For A Week With Bright Muscle Maintenance

Dating Raid For A Week With Bright Muscle Maintenance

“Girlfriends” help you arrange a blind date?

Inviting you to meet her “Prince of the White Horse” with her after a week?

Are you sure you are ready for a blind date?

There’s none


Do n’t worry, it ‘s too late to start now. Today I ‘ll bring you a week-long maintenance plan, so that you can easily maintain it step by step within a week, and you will achieve translucent beauty and a beautiful date for a blind date.

  DAY1: Remove fragile dirt, sebum and old waste cells!

  Method: The surface of the skin is rough to the touch, not slippery, usually because of the accumulation of dirt, sebum and old dead skin cells in the pores.

Therefore, in addition to the daily plot, regular deep skin maintenance can help the skin to be smooth and soft.

This is also the first step into the ranks of beauty.

  Recommended products: Laneige Strawberry Softening Scrub Gel Reference Price: ¥ 159 / 150ml Product demand: Strawberry extract moisturizes the skin, fiber particles remove skin aging horny, and make the skin soft and soft.

Fibrous particles naturally eliminate aging cuticles through scrubs, helping skin regain health and vitality.

The strawberry extract contains moisture and nutrients to the skin during the scrub process to moisturize the skin.

-Vitamin C contained in the small red particles is absorbed by the skin, leaving the skin smooth and healthy.

  DAY2: Actively condition, calm and soothe, and keep skin healthy!

  Method: After the stratum corneum is metabolized, then the skin needs to be soothed and conditioned in order to activate the skin cell regeneration mechanism and cause skin aging and the risk of damage and restore the skin to its original muscle age.

Achieve soft skin condition.

  Recommended products: Infusha Autonomous Soothing Circulating Liquid M Reference Price: ¥ 420 / 125ml Product Request: No. 1: Transparent lotion state, which can tighten skin, inhibit sebum secretion, and moisturize skin, leaving skin supple and smooth.

No. 2: In the emulsion state, it gives skin deep moisturization, promotes skin oil secretion, and makes skin moisturized and smooth.

No. M: translucent lotion. Cover the skin with a thin film to keep the skin moist and make the skin smooth and comfortable.

  DAY3: Moisturizing products that make the skin supple are absolutely necessary in summer!

  Method: What is needed for dry summer skin is sufficient water retention capacity. If it is just hydrating, the water will be evaporated immediately.

Therefore, if you want to have more complete moisturizing, you also need to strengthen the water-holding power of the skin cells, so that you can delicately repair the damaged cells and improve the skin’s water storage capacity.

  Recommended product: Biotherm Ultra Moisturizing Serum Reference Price: 460 / 30ml Product Claim: Contains unique Himalayan pink salt, which is an extremely precious and pure ingredient. It can activate the skin’s natural moisturizing factor and activate the cell’s moisturizing ability.And metabolism.

Obviously “PETP Mineral Soothing Factor” extracted from 5000L of mineral spring can calm and soothe skin and activate cells.

  DAY4: Relaxed, puffy facial skin can be improved with a simple massage!

  Method: Do you feel that the face is a bit puffy? It does not prevent intensive facial massage combined with massage cream or night cream. With simple finger massage, it can eliminate toxins in the body, eliminate puffiness, and promote metabolism.The face became small and firm.

  Recommended product: Clarins Lotus Facial Oil Reference price: ¥ 380 / 40ml Product appeal: Facial oil contains 100% natural plant extract.

Balances oil production.

Astringent pores.

Avoid water loss.

Nourishes and leaves skin soft and delicate.

For evening use, it can be perfectly matched with Aromatic Plant Day Cream to balance the oil secretion of oily skin.

 Exudes youthful radiance.

Use at night to enhance the effect of Aromatic Plant Day Cream.

  DAY5: If you want to have whitening skin, you can start by diminishing the spots and dullness!

  Method: Whitening products are more and more focused on the effect, and the high-efficiency concentrated ingredients are combined in the whitening products to make the skin more transparent and fairer every day during the application process.

In addition, daily routines need to be adjusted together to make whitening more enjoyable.
  Recommended products: Watermark Whitening Beauty Liquid Reference Price: ¥ 158 / 45ml Product appeal: For the first time, tranexamic acid has been added to whitening products of similar price bands (Shiseido’s whitening star product HAKU is an important ingredient that is white and flawless), Relieve chronic hypertension and prevent the spread of pigmentation.
In order to better achieve the whitening effect, Watermark also added skin hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid, high moisturizing and water-retaining ingredient, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate) to adjust the skin’s moisturizing environment, help skin regeneration, and create delicate textureThe translucent and beautiful skin, and the “aqua synergistic effect of hydrophilic penetrating ingredients” actually work on the stratum corneum, ensuring that the effective ingredients are practical.

  DAY6: Delay the aging and smooth the skin lines to restore your youthful radiance!

  Method: It is found that the generation of fine lines is the beginning of aging. Relatively anti-aging of the skin must be repaired internally and externally. Strengthening moisturizing and sun protection can prevent external environment from harming the skin.

While the skin texture is not obvious, quickly apply moisturizing cream to the skin, which can activate the fibroblasts of the dermis and change the internal aging phenomenon.

  Recommended products: Clinique Revitalizing Night Cream Reference Price: ¥ 680 / 50ml Product demand: Designed specifically for dry skin, repair fine lines and wrinkles at night.

Makes skin cells produce more collagen.

A large number of antioxidant supplements to fully meet the skin’s energy requirements for the next day.

Use in the evening after three steps. Apply on face and above, avoiding eyes.

Use with Revitalizing Revitalizing Serum and Revitalizing Revitalizing Day Cream for better results.

Hidden killer in winter indoor air

Hidden “killer” in winter indoor air

The suitable temperature of the living room microclimate: 18-25 ° C. The weather is getting colder and colder, and people are more and more active in warm indoor spring.
  Doors and windows are tightly closed in winter, and the concentration of indoor harmful substances will gradually increase.
The harm of indoor environmental pollution caused by decoration will be more serious.
The main sources of indoor pollution are formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and radioactive materials.
  People who absorb high concentrations of benzene in a short period of time will experience the symptoms of central nervous system anesthesia. Those with mild dizziness, headache, nausea, fatigue, and unconsciousness, and those with severe coma or respiratory failure will die.
Ammonia is colorless but has a strong irritating odor. It often attaches to the skin, mucous membranes, and eye conjunctiva, which causes irritation and inflammation, and weakens the body’s resistance to disease.
  The radon emitted from the decoration is different from other toxic gases. The radon is invisible and odorless. Even in the environment with high radon concentration, people have no sense of it.
However, the harmful effects of radon on the human body are life-long, and it is the second leading cause of lung cancer.
  When you enter public places in winter, a rush of heat will blow.
If you stay in it for a long time, you will feel a sense of suffocation.
Passenger stations, bathing centers, hotels and other public places have carbon dioxide levels that exceed standards.
According to experts, the content of carbon dioxide is a comprehensive indirect indicator for judging the pollution of the air. The content of carbon dioxide in public places should be less than or equal to 0.
  Every winter, the climate is very dry and the room lacks humid, clean air.
According to doctors, during the dry winter, the incidence of diphtheria, flu, whooping cough, meningitis, asthma, bronchitis, etc. has increased significantly, leading to many reasons for the above diseases, except that the low temperature in winter and large changes in temperature difference cause the decline of human resistance.外,还有如下两方面的原因  其一,环境湿度过低使流感病毒和致病力强的革兰氏阳性菌繁殖速度加快,而且随粉尘扩散,引起疾病流行。  Secondly, too low ambient humidity can reduce the resistance of the human respiratory system and induce and aggravate respiratory diseases.
Therefore, in a sense, overcoming dryness is overcoming epidemics.
In winter, the optimal temperature of the indoor microclimate is 18 ℃ -25 ℃, and the humidity is 45% -65% RH.
  Responding to Winter Air Pollution The humidifier can control the humidity within the humidity range that is most suitable for the human body, which can inhibit the growth and spread of germs and improve immunity.
  Pay attention to proper ventilation.
Public places such as office buildings and department stores should pay attention to increasing indoor fresh air volume.
The family opens the window for ventilation no less than twice a day, each time for no less than 15 minutes.
Households using coal stoves for heating and gas water heaters should pay more attention to installing ventilation devices.
In addition, indoor air purification equipment should be used to eliminate indoor environmental pollution and improve indoor air quality.
Do more outdoor activities and less public places.

Get rid of Qiuzao’s favorite moisturizing coup _1

Get rid of Qiuzao’s favorite moisturizing coup

Autumn is here, the skin is tight, peeling, dry . be careful, this is your skin’s emotional mood.

For women in water, no matter what season, replenishing water is a task that cannot be ignored.

Of course, you don’t need to worry about the complexity of traditional moisturizing procedures. Today the editor will teach you 12 simple and effective moisturizing methods. You must also take care of skin care at home. With simple skin care methods, you can no longer be lazy!

Coup # 1: Drink plenty of water!

  Drinking more water is the best and easiest way to skin care. It can not only accelerate the metabolism, expel excess waste out of the body, but also keep the moisture film on the skin’s surface layer at any time to maintain moisturizing and elasticity.

Tip 2: Put a basin of water in the room and let it dry for you.

  In order to avoid the loss of water under the silent air conditioner, it is recommended that you put a basin of water in the room to maintain the humidity in the room and let the air conditioner take away the water from the basin instead of your body.

Of course, putting a washbasin is not very good-looking. If the room is large enough, it is a good idea to put a small fish tank, taking into account the beauty and practical effect.

Coup 3: Apply a thick layer of lotion to the bladder at night.

  Doors and windows are closed at night, the room is dry, and the face is tight.

It doesn’t matter, apply two or three layers of your moisturizing lotion thickly. The moisturizing factor in the lotion can leave moisture in the stratum corneum and prevent it from losing too much.

Coup 4: Set up green plants to give you a fresh environment.

  Usually put a small plant near the table and let it integrate into a small air filter to make you feel fresher.

The water in the basin also helps reduce the power of the air conditioner killer.

The lady who stays in the air-conditioned room all day is even more in need.

Coup 5: Lotion + paper mask is effective and saves money.

  Applying a moisturizing mask every day is too luxurious. Now I will teach you a simpler method.

Use your usual lotion (it must be alcohol-free to prevent irritation and allergies). Pour it on the paper mask, apply it to your face, relax for 10 minutes, and immediately glow, you will feel the skin’s elasticity immediately.

Tip 6: When traveling for a long time, after sun exposure, apply some moisturizing lotion.

  If you want a short trip during the 11th holiday, you must remember to replenish your skin at any time.

The moisturizing spray lotion is refreshing and non-sticky, so that the interstices of your cells are filled with sufficient moisturizing factors at any time. It can increase skin moisturization even more than water, and you can spray even after applying makeup.

Tip 7: The air-conditioned room is very comfortable, but don’t stay too long.

  In the dry autumn that is close to winter, the humidity of the entire environment has decreased, and the skin is already feeling a little tight. If you are the type of person who cannot do without air conditioning, please force yourself to drink at least two liters of water a day, about a large bottle of mineral water plus a small bottleMineral water, not thirsty does not mean there is no shortage of water!

Coup 8: Quickly moisturizing mask, quickly bright and beautiful.

  Quick mask pack in vacuum single sheet, save you the trouble of using paper mask and lotion, and it usually soaks the mask sheet with moisturizing essence, which is more precious than lotion, and the unit price is usually higher.actual.

Coup 9: Insufficient lotion to solve “muscle thirst”, multiple bottles of moisturizing essence!

  The moisturizing essence has a smaller molecular volume than the emulsion and can penetrate into the stratum corneum to moisturize dry cells.

First apply the essence and then apply the lotion, the lotion will be like a hat, covering the essence tightly under the surface, prolonging the time for the water to evaporate.

Coup 10: Baby care products keep you moist.

  The top, joints, and corners of the mouth often experience dry peeling. When you wear a short skirt, you always feel that it is not elegant. After taking a bath, you can apply baby oil to dry areas to improve the desquamation phenomenon.

However, dermatologists warn that baby oil is not for you if you have had follicular keratosis (small dots on the surface of the skin).

Coup 11: Use the steam from your bath to save time.

  Apply a moisturizing mask, preferably in the bathroom, with steam to help, and the ingredients in the mask are more easily and quickly absorbed.

In addition, use a deep cleansing mask, not in a place with heavy moisture. It relies on the tensile force after the mask dries to adsorb the dirt in the pores. If the moisture is too heavy, the mask will not be dry that day.

Coup 12: Take a sauna, take a hot bath, don’t forget to put a bottle of water beside you.

  When taking a sauna, it is the time when a large amount of water is lost inside the body. The hot steam makes the body sweat and waste continuously discharge. It is important to replenish the body water at any time, so as to promote the smooth metabolism cycle.