Water Yoga Body and Skin Care

Water Yoga Body and Skin Care

Aqua Yoga is loved by office workers and white-collar workers in Beijing and Shanghai.

Does the combination of yoga and water produce some kind of spark?

The reporter visited major yoga clubs in Wuhan. The most common ones are power yoga and hot yoga. When asked about yoga in water, they shake their heads.

According to relevant sources, underwater yoga requires a swimming pool, which has high requirements on hardware such as water temperature and water quality, and high costs, and general clubs are unwilling to spend funds.

  However, because yoga in water is not difficult, beginners can also naturally and easily perform difficult movements on the ground, which is more popular.

Ms. Wang, who has been studying for a month, said, “It’s easy and soothing to practice yoga in the water.

Although there are men, women and children, the consumer population is mainly concentrated in the 20-50 years old, economically capable office workers and white-collar women.

  Underwater yoga instructor Dun Xiaomei said, “Underwater yoga is not just a simple change from land to water.” Underwater yoga is just a practice of traditional yoga on the body, and also uses the 3 forces of water: 1.

Use the stress of water to increase exercise intensity, not only can consume more fat, make the body lines more flexible and harmonious; 2.

2. Use the pressure of water to squeeze and massage the skin and internal organs, so as to eliminate fatigue, soothe the muscles and bones of the whole body, and build skin; 3.

Use the buoyancy of water to protect the human body from damage during practice, rewrite the possible physical pain of practicing traditional yoga, and obesity and ligaments are not soft enough to learn to recover.

Yoga training focus-the status quo speed yoga coach

Yoga training focus-the status quo speed yoga coach

“Exhale slowly and exhale. Imagine your body is getting lighter and lighter, feather-like, floating in the air, free and easy-” Passing the soothing and wonderful yoga music, more and more Zhuhai people are deeply infatuated with it.This magical movement.

Since last year, yoga has spread and expanded at an incredible rate in Zhuhai. Gyms, beauty salons, companies, schools, and yoga classes have been launched. Yoga coaches have made their hands hot.

  Miss Li, who has been practicing yoga for more than three years, said: “Although yoga classes are available in many places, it is not easy to find a good yoga instructor.

“This is also a concern for some fitness centers.

At present, the reporter visited some consumers and fitness centers and found that the yoga training market in Zhuhai is distorted, the good and the bad are different, and consumers’ rights are difficult to be guaranteed.

  It ‘s hard to find a good coach to get started. Miss Zhang moved to another fitness center to practice yoga, only to find that the yoga taught by the club is completely different from here.

For example, although she has practiced training yoga, she doesn’t know that yoga relaxation is very important and she can’t breathe.

This made her feel deceived.

  Scholar Miss Zhao said that she once twisted her neck for several days in order to do a headstand posture.

“The coach just gave us a demonstration action, but did not explain the essentials of the action. We did not instruct us when we did it. Of course, it was easy to get injured.

“Ms. Zhao has never been to this fitness club in Jida ever since.

  Miss Wang has practiced yoga for many years and often encounters dissatisfied coaches.

“Sometimes after practicing with the coach for an hour, my legs will be trembling and panting.

Because she rarely relaxes in the movement choreography, and the last meditation break is short, such yoga is simply suffering.

“For beginners, Miss Wang’s advice is that you must choose your own yoga coach carefully, because if you do not choose a coach for entry, she will mislead you and improve your loss for a long time.

Miss Wang suggested that beginners can buy some yoga books for themselves to further increase their knowledge of yoga, which can avoid being misled in class.

  Yoga is a kind of inner feeling. “There are many misunderstandings in the existing yoga classes in Zhuhai. The true meaning and essence of yoga are hidden in a flower boxing embroidered leg, which makes people puzzled.

“In a recent interview with the head coach of a yoga studio, Mr. Li, he was worried about the current situation in which only yoga in Zhuhai is common, ignoring inner feelings.

“A good yoga instructor proves to be a teacher, not a performer.

“Many yoga instructors in Zhuhai have done beautiful movements, but no one can keep up with them because it is too difficult.

This kind of teaching makes many beginners discourage yoga, which not only violates the original intention of yoga, but is also very unfavorable to the development of yoga.

I remember my teacher said to me that yoga is not a performance, not fully appreciate sex, it should be an inner feeling.

“Some scholars have told me that some yoga instructors only do movements in class, but rarely speak and explain. This is actually very wrong.

The deeper a yoga instructor knows yoga, the more profound her literature is.

Every movement of yoga has a different intention. Some say tree style, many people will do it, but when you do it, do you focus your consciousness on the feeling of the whole body compressing upwards, do you have any concentration?This is the most important thing, otherwise it will be in vain to perform the action beautifully.

And these need to be told to scholars through coaches.

“” Someone asked me what exactly is yoga.

In fact, yoga is one relaxation, one breath, one breath, one movement, one silence.

If you understand this truth, you can truly understand yoga and receive magical effects when doing yoga.

“Proper guidance is crucial.” According to this, almost all yoga instructors in Zhuhai currently have domestic yoga training sites.

The yoga instructor in Zhuhai does not need any qualifications to get a job. As long as the boss thinks it is OK, the two sides can talk about placement.

  And many consumers are mainly supplementing the purpose of weight loss when practicing yoga. This market demand has also made many yoga instructors intentionally increase the intensity and difficulty of yoga movements, causing some hidden safety hazards.

  ”Not every yoga movement is suitable for everyone, but there must be a movement that is suitable for everyone, and the coach proves that teaching is based on people.

If a person with high blood pressure does a headstand, it will be very dangerous; during the special physiological period of a woman, some movements cannot be done.

This requires our yoga instructors to strengthen their learning instead of knowing everything in order to properly guide the literature.

“Mr. Li said.

  ”Some people say that she is still tired or even dizzy after practicing yoga, then she must not have learned the right way.

After a good yoga practice, people feel energetic and full of energy.Some experts believe that the reason why yoga has gained popularity in the past year is because of the natural, peaceful, and peaceful life state it advocates, which provides a relaxed and nerve-free world for nervous and busy urbanites.This relaxation must be achieved through the attention and meditation of your body.

If the quality of the yoga instructor itself does not reach the professional level, consumers will not be able to enter the real world of yoga, unable to experience the magical charm of yoga, and dare to be a coach after studying for three months.The yoga fitness project turned out to be a triple-nothing project. It has not been filed in the General Administration of Sports, the Ministry of Education, or the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

  Practicing blindly following the trend Yoga fitness was a new thing a few years ago, and now it has become a popular symbol. From the elderly of 70 to 80 years old, to the children of 4 to 5 years old, the spread of yoga can be described as overwhelming.
In the larger communities in Beijing, yoga gyms can be seen on the more prosperous streets, and yoga instructors are born every day. This spread rate has been increasing day by day in the past two years.

  High-temperature yoga, aromatherapy yoga, power yoga, running yoga . Facing the “new daily” type of yoga, “yoga enthusiasts” are also a little dazed: in fact, they are learning “Which School?”

Is it right for you to practice?

Is the exercise intensity appropriate?

Are yoga teachers qualified?

  On the afternoon of August 12, the reporter went to a community gym in Wangjing district, Chaoyang District, Beijing, and stepped into the yoga room. The reporter saw that eight or nine people took various poses under the guidance of the coach.

The entire room is about 20-30 square meters. Scholars sit on the yoga mats on the wooden floor to practice, and a melodious music is played in a speaker next to the coach’s desk.

Although it was afternoon, the room was dimly lit by the dark green screen.

  During the break, the reporter talked with several documents.

They range in age, from young girls in their 20s and 30s to retirees in their 50s.

The reasons for outstanding yoga practice are different.

A 40-year-old practitioner told reporters that practicing yoga is known to be good for regulating emotions, and his own practice is for self-cultivation.

Ms. Su, who was in her early 30s, had just given birth to a child. She said that she came to the gym to recover her body as quickly as possible. Yoga is not part of the sport and the rhythm is slow, so she chose yoga.

While 20-year-old college student Miss Bai is on summer vacation, she said that she chose yoga because this exercise method is more fashionable.

  It seems that although some people are enthusiastic about yoga, they are often ignorant of yoga, and they are unheard of about the fact that yoga instructors should hold a certificate to work.

Several scholars said that they had only visited the venue before registration, and they had never asked about the qualifications of the coaches and had no doubts.

In their opinion, the gym must have been approved after it has been approved. Since it is approved, the coach will not have any problems.

  The reporter came to a well-known brand chain fitness shop, which is more upscale than community stores, well decorated, and spacious. The reporter said that she intends to sign up for yoga. The lady at the front desk told the reporter that the coaches here are all professionally trained. SheHe also enthusiastically introduced that there will always be ordinary fitness coaches and personal education options.

  The rapid development of coach Yulong’s yoga has attracted the attention of the industry. It has never been expected that yoga in the promotion process will present a “hundred schools of contention” and a “hundred flowers bloom” prosperity.

  At present, the teaching of yoga can be described as a family. From the process to the action, it reflects the individual performance of the coach, and the qualifications of the coach are also mixed.

Mr. Hu is now the head of the training department of a brand chain fitness institution in Beijing. He has been a coach in Guangzhou, Kunming and other places.

He said frankly: “The current situation of yoga coaches is indeed quite confusing, most of them are not professional enough, and they are particularly lacking in fitness theory.

Some people change the exercises they have learned, and they claim to be coaches to teach other practitioners. Others are yoga enthusiasts. As a result of months of classes with well-known coaches, they learned a few exercises.He claims to be an expert and has become the backbone coach of some fitness clubs.

He said that this phenomenon is particularly common in small and medium cities.

  It is understood that many of the current military yoga instructors are novices, and the team is very chaotic. There are dancers, aerobics practitioners, and even some people buy two video discs and learn how to draw calabash.

These people know very little about yoga and even think that “putting your feet on your head” is yoga.

  With the rise of yoga fitness, many gyms have yoga classes. Due to the serious lack of distance teachers, some crash coach classes have also emerged.

Although these coaches have obtained qualification certificates, their gold content is doubtful.

Ms. Yang, who has been practicing yoga for two years, said: “As far as I know, 80% of fitness centers now issue a certificate to a yoga instructor. Even if they recognize the qualifications of the instructor, in fact they do not have the teaching ability at all.

“In this case, coaches who have spent thousands of dollars and obtained certificates after a few weeks of training have become the mainstream of yoga coaches in the current Chinese fitness market.

The reporter learned that some introductions known as “Yoga Professional Training” stated that “who completed the required courses and met the requirements of the courses, obtained the training course certificates and teaching qualifications, and officially became recognized yoga professional coaches.

“Some training courses have no theoretical courses at all, claiming a 100% pass rate.

“Without such documents, it is impossible to coach at the club.

So spending money on research is a must.

“A person who was trained told reporters.

The reporter called in accordance with the telephone number provided by the person, and said that he wanted to participate in training, but his qualifications were mediocre without any foundation. The other party said: “Relax, there is no situation where you can’t get a certificate.

What are the emotional needs of men for women

What are the emotional needs of men for women
You can often see what women want, what they want to hear, and so on.

What about men?

We rarely know what men want to hear from women.

  Women often question men’s emotional needs, and this characteristic of men’s minds is often reduced. It can be said that they have always done so.

Evolutionary psychology proves this in another way.

  Men also have emotional needs, but not as many as women.

Before considering what your man wants to hear from you, let us first consider what are the most important factors in proper communication and effective listening.

Although we are discussing what your man wants to hear from you, we also want to determine when he will communicate-even in rare cases-and also determine if you can already detect that he wantsWhat are you hearing?

God gave us all two ears and one mouth, so what we can hear is double what is said.

Effective listening will familiarize you with warning signs that tell you that his emotional needs are not being met.

  Woman, you often ask your man to communicate more with their own emotions, okay, come on, here is what they want to hear from you.

  1. “I will support any effort you make.

“We’ve all heard the saying: behind every great man there is always a greater woman.

We are not asking you to stay behind the man, but there is a song that sings: “Man who supports you”, this is what we ask.

Support what we are going to achieve now. When our beloved woman accepts and encourages us in any way, you will be incredible for what we do.

As we do the next thing, we want women to continue.

  2, “I accept you and everything you have!

“The acceptance of us by a lover outside the immediate family is, for most of us, the essence of a romantic relationship.

However, many interpersonal relationships are broken for one reason, that is, because neither side accepts any appearance or form of each other.

Don’t cry, don’t change him.

Accept him, or find a more suitable person.

Think of him as a “pet plan.” In this plan, you supplement your passion to transform him, so that you can make him progress, both emotionally and physiologically (more likely the former).

  3, “Baby, we are in a team!

“A romantic relationship that is very similar to any other relationship should be based on a solid foundation of communication, common tasks and opinions.

It’s a cruel world outside, and it looks increasingly cruel.

Just because we are men does not mean that every point of stress must be borne by us, sometimes we insist on this pressure.

Sometimes we just want to hear what you say leads to a series of unthinkable things that, if properly developed, will be unbreakable.

  4. “You’re hot (I mean that)!”

“Let’s face it together-everyone-men and women want to be tested and passed, are being tested and are reassured to know that you have passed, and bystanders recognize you and think you are very good.

In fact, this feeling is different from many other feelings, but casual and natural words like “baby, you are hot today” are more common than “I love you” or the monotonous words I wish not to say “You look good “is a lot better for both.

  5, “I love you no matter what.

“Listening to someone you love (especially XX) saying” I love you “has become our expectation.

This is very common. In a certain context, speaking too much can become a burden.

Does anyone who has said this know the implications?

In this exciting era of acceleration, is our standard of love falling?

In many social projects, men must play and follow their roles and tasks.

We are forced to make great efforts and take great risks.

We feel it necessary to do all these things, but there is a possibility of failure behind our thoughts.Most men think that everyone wants to say something to their lover, they want to understand love under certain circumstances, even they ignore failure.

This is the characteristic of unconditional love-the most authentic and demonstrable form of love.

  From a woman’s perspective on her existing relationships, it’s hard to be sincere in much of these words.

However, the idea of speaking them out may test and decide whether your existing relationships are more ordinary than you think.

Do you have the opposite sex and no humanity

Do you have the opposite sex and no humanity

Greece with blue sky and blue sea is a wonderful verse in the eyes of the poet Moker and a glorious scenery in the minds of travelers. No matter whether you have been to Greece or just watched the beautiful Greece in postcards or videos, what fascinates you most is the following:Scenery?

A, white hut B, blue sky C, millennium ancient city D, dark blue seawater A, white hut. When Eros comes to report, it is actually the beginning of the battle between heaven and man around you. You are infected with the fever of love, and throw yourself into the great love.Put love in the middle and friends aside, but after the passion of dating, as long as you receive a friend ‘s grievance call, your guilt is involuntarily replaced. Doing good to your friends is doubled. As compensation, you are afraid to expose that you have no humanity.”Side, so you have to let guilt dominate your kingdom of love and friendship.

  B, the blue sky For you, love and friendship are indicators on the same balance. In your life, you need these two feelings, so you will not be biased on either side, you will evenly divide you.Give your loved ones and friends the best time, lest your balance of spirit lose your sense of balance.

But you also have to be careful, don’t just want to be both-sided, and in the end there is no skill, which will surround your life with another kind of chaos.

  C, you are the most love-loving person in the ancient city of the millennium. You still ca n’t see how powerful you are. Even you seem to have the spirit of sisters (brothers), but in fact, you ca n’t.The representative of the opposite sex is inhuman, it is you who is always so cruel, throws himself into the sea of love without looking back, and throws out friends and friends.

Be careful when you break up with your lover that day, you have no friend trash can to spit bitter water, leaving you both ends.

  D, love and friendship in the dark blue sea are the theme songs of your life, but you are an organized person. You will prioritize friendship and love, not love or friendship, depending on the priorities of what happened at the time.Decide, but you take the word “reason” as the head, and sometimes you talk too much about it, which may actually make your lover or friend label you “relentless”.

Banlangen cures children with colds in autumn

Banlangen cures children with colds in autumn

Core tip: Many parents often rush Banlangen to their children, whether it is to prevent colds or treat colds, but experts say that children often drink Banlangen is very harmful, especially for children with cold spleen and stomach.disease.

  Now it is time to alternate the summer and autumn seasons, and it is easy to cause a cold in autumn at this time, but Chinese medicine reminds that Banlang cures the cold in autumn, and children often drink it!

  When the season changes, the weather is cold and hot, the temperature difference between day and night is large, it is a period of high incidence of colds, and it is easier for children with weak resistance.

In order to prevent problems beforehand, some parents actively vaccinate their children and give them various Chinese medicines. Among them, it is the first choice for many parents to take children with isatis root to prevent colds.

Experts point out that regular use of isatis root to prevent diseases is not scientific. It may cause a decline in the immune function of the human body, especially for young children. Ordinary isatis root may sometimes not even prevent the disease, even the child ‘s digestive system and blood productionThe system is causing damage.

  Isatis root is a traditional Chinese medicine for clearing heat and detoxifying. It has small toxic and side effects and is easy to use. It is very popular with some families.

It has better prevention and treatment effects on a variety of bacterial and viral diseases, such as influenza, meningococcus, pneumonia, and hepatitis.

  Although Isatis indigotica has better preventive effects on some common diseases, it is still far behind. As a medicine, it also has certain toxic and side effects.

When the liver’s detoxification ability is reduced, taking a large dose of isatis root will cause accumulated poisoning, damage the digestive system and hematopoietic system, and easily cause upper respiratory tract bleeding and leukopenia. This is especially common in young children.
This is because children’s various organs are not fully developed, liver function is not yet perfect, and detoxifying enzymes secreted in the body are insufficient.

  In addition, isatis root is a medicine for colds, which has better curative effect for the prevention and treatment of real fever. However, for those children with spleen and stomach deficiency, often taking isatis root can cause symptoms such as light mouth and fatigue, resulting inPhysical decline will never serve the purpose of preventing disease, but will cause disease.

  Therefore, Banlangen can’t cure children’s colds in autumn, Banlangen can’t cure colds in autumn, and children often drink it.

Beware of Banlangen cold medicine!

  Recommendation: Brown sugar, ginger tea, young and old love to drink, post scattered cold, warm and stop vomiting, Yipi Jianwei Nuan Gong cure dysmenorrhea and prevent colds, http: // www.


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Nine wonderful skills to train your child’s emotional intelligence

Nine wonderful skills to train your child’s emotional intelligence

Demystifying: Nine wonderful tips to train your child’s emotional intelligence to make your child stand out.

  First, there is a story about educating children to learn survivability. It is about a group of children on the cliffs in the mountains who lost their way and spent a terrible night in the distance. They cried hopelessly, “Someone will never find us anymore.Said a child, crying in despair, “We will die here.

“However, 11-year-old Yvre stepped forward.” I don’t want to die! ”

“She is firm,” my dad said. As long as the stream is going, the stream will take us to a stream of the route, and eventually you will meet a small town.

I’m going to transform the stream and you can follow me.

“As a result, they were successfully out of the forest under the introduction of Evry.

  Maybe some people think that girls like Yvre are born with talents, in fact, talents are not born, thanks to the education of his father.

At present, western countries, including Japan in East Asia, attach great importance to children’s survival education. Since the children are sensible, they have taught them how to learn to survive and become independent. They have fallen to their own feet, learned to eat, organize their own things, and know what circumstancesHow to protect yourself, etc.

  Second, cultivate endurance and self-control. Psychologists have done such an experiment. The kindergarten teacher gave each child a piece of sugar and told them: “Eat now, just give one piece. If you can endure it for an hour, you can eat it.One more reward.

“The results of subsequent follow-up surveys show that the success rate of those who can tolerate is much higher than the children who cannot tolerate.

This is called the delayed effect, or delayed satisfaction in psychology.

  Many children have troubles, lack of will and patience, and have little success in their careers when they grow up.

So how to cultivate children’s endurance?

For example, when a young child is anxious to drink milk, don’t satisfy him immediately, make him cry for a while, and slowly talk to him, pat his back, and then feed him, the patience time gradually increases, from a few seconds to a fewMinutes; for children who spend their pocket money quickly every time, parents can say: “If you can hold back pocket money for a week, you can double it next week, you can save up and buy the big things you needAlready.

“If the child encounters difficulties, the parents should not help him immediately, or encourage him to persevere, and endure the unhappiness brought by the setbacks, and he will succeed soon.

  Third, more contact with the society, some parents who have seen the world rarely let their children go out, worrying about this.

When a child sees a baby, he cries and hides. He grows sensitive and shrinks when he grows up.

Some children are selfish and lack a sense of solidarity, so there are very few friends. When they grow up, they will also be affected by the tension of interpersonal relationships, which will affect their ability.

Therefore, when the child is understanding, let him adapt to the new environment, encourage the timid child to contact more people, or take the initiative to stand up and answer the questions raised by the teacher. This process is also called desensitization.

Without giving the child a chance, his adaptive ability will not sprout naturally.

  Fourth, cultivate curiosity and exploration spirit, but the child is passively accepting external stimuli, and gradually curious about everything around them, they want to try to feel, see, and even disassemble the toys into pieces. This is oneThis expression of curiosity is also an important way to acquire knowledge and skills.

If a parent doesn’t let his child move, not only will he lose his chance to learn, but he will also be killed. If you want to get him interested in doing something in the future, he won’t bother to move.

The correct method should be that the parents explain patiently to the children and adolescents, or run him together to play.

  Fifth, let the child use more brains. A boy couldn’t climb the first step of the slide because of his short legs. He begged his mother to take him up, and his mother told him: “You have a solution.

The little boy thought for a moment: “Drag my trolley there and stand up.

“Good, go, boy.

“Mother said.

The little boy started, and everything became easy.

There are certain things in life. As long as we pay attention to them, we will always come up with many solutions to problems, so we must cultivate the habit of thinking hard.

  6. Cultivate self-confidence and ability to face frustration A 12-year-old child who is very promising in gymnastics came to see the head coach. The head coach did not immediately let her perform gymnastics, but gave her 4 darts and asked her to project to the office.Opposite the target.

The little girl was timid and moral: “What if you miss it?

“The coach told her:” You should think of success, not failure.

“The little girl practiced repeatedly and finally succeeded.

Therefore, in life, you should tell your children that when you do anything, you must first think of success, not failure, and people who believe in their success can succeed.

  Seventh, protect the child’s self-esteem. It is inevitable for a child to do something wrong or something bad. Don’t always count on the child: “Why are you so disobedient!

“This one can’t move, that one can’t move.”

This will hurt the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Don’t be afraid that the child’s mischief will give you trouble, but think about what is good for the child’s psychological growth, because the mental health of young children mainly means that their reasonable needs and desires are met.

A good psychological state caused by emotional and social aspects.Parents should also refrain from simple and rude methods of education.

If you really do n’t want your child to play with something, you should divert your child ‘s interest in a distracting way.

  8. Encouraging and supporting children’s growth is not easy. There are successes and failures, and even unrealistic illusions.

In the face of difficulties and frustrations, encouragement and support are even more important. Never throw cold water.

Although their dreams are so strange to you, you should be pleased that they have constant fantasy power, which is the mentor of creation.

  Nine, cultivate children to respect others, unite the sense of friendship and cooperation. Society is a crowd. Anything cannot be achieved by one person alone. It is necessary to have the power of the masses. This requires us to learn to deal with different people.Can learn from each other.

Parents must cultivate their children’s awareness of cooperation with others, train their children’s cooperative behavior, and increase their children’s ability to cooperate.

This must first learn to respect others and be good at uniting and disagreeing with others.

  A good psychological quality manifests as follows: young children are satisfied with themselves, their emotions are lively and happy, they can adapt to the surrounding environment, their interpersonal relationships are friendly and harmonious, and their personal intelligence is fully exerted and exerted.

Dear parents, do your children possess these qualities?

Three women stay up all night nourishing health diet

Three women stay up all night nourishing health diet

After a lot of women have to stay up all night to work overtime, today Xiaobian recommends several nutrition recipes for female friends who often stay up late to help female friends relieve fatigue.

  Lily and lotus seed porridge Both lotus seeds and lily have the effect of replenishing energy and calming the nerves. Female friends can take 20 grams of lotus seeds and put them in a clean pot.

Lily lotus seed porridge is very suitable for the symptoms of insomnia, upset and palpitations of female friends after staying up late.

  Wash the lotus seeds with the lotus seed raw fish soup, prepare a carp, remove the internal organs, clean them, put them in the pot with the lotus seeds and cook them together, then add some condiments to cook the fish soup and drink once a week.

This soup has a good effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat, and can effectively relieve the symptoms of muscle aches after female friends stay up all night.

  Some nourishing traditional Chinese medicine for stewed eggs in the ground have good health effects for female friends.

What if my mouth is dry and hot after staying up late?

Why not try raw stewed eggs!

Female friends can prepare 20 grams of raw land, two eggs, add them to the pot together, and cook with appropriate water, once or twice a week. It has a good effect on the female friends’ gums sore and dry after staying up late.
If the female friends usually work too busy and don’t have time, they can choose to cook it at one time, and then put it in the refrigerator. They need to stay up late and then take it out to eat, and they can add good nutrition to the body!

Women’s 15 sentences forced husband to divorce

Women’s 15 sentences forced husband to divorce

1. I’m officially late for dating. I don’t know when it will start. Girls like this “art of late dating.” Depending on her boyfriend’s patience, choose to be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes later than the previous appointment, and some even more.Long, to test her boyfriend’s feelings about it . to make her boyfriend wait for a bit of anxiety, a little worried, but not too angry, if a man really stood up and said: “Nothing for example!

“Then you won’t go next time.

However, usually men will tolerate their inner grievances, and will forcibly rejoice behind them: “It’s okay, I just arrived!

“Actually, he was sitting there desperately smoking a half pack of cigarettes.

  2. If your mother and I fell in the river, who would you save first?

  A very stupid ancient problem, which is actually not fun, and it is not human. For men, it is a cruel dilemma, and it can only force people to lie on the road of no return.

  3, “Do you love me?”

“,” How much love in the end?

I asked N times a day, and I never tire of it. The man was a little impatient, and immediately went to work to consider that he was not recognized by the other party. He repeatedly asked the man to write a blood book to make a life and death agreement. Compared with women, men’s brain sensory centersThere is at least a “contact” with the communication center. When he cannot easily say “I love you”, he usually does not express his current feelings, but solves a problem to let her know his intentions.

  4. It’s okay to cry for two and break up for three times. There is also a certain aesthetic value; it’s a little bit more troublesome, but there are also cute relatives; the lowest level is that the word must be “break up”, sharpen, and aggressiveIn fact, shouting “the wolf is here” is just a show, but it is annoying.

“Fake play” sometimes makes men “really do”, and men can’t bear the support of women.

  5. “Do you like Maggie Cheung?

“Then the man rejoiced and waited for his answer.

In fact, many times, women like to listen to a “perfect answer” instead of “real voice”, which makes men feel very tricky.

A person who pays no attention or has no thought to other women must be Sun Wukong or Tang Seng.

Most men are strengthening their sexual desires and fantasies by admiring women.

Once you have figured this out, you should stop forcing the tiger into a cat to catch the mouse. “Is it important to be friends or me to be important?

“Once in love, men lose their freedom.

If the boyfriend is playing or drinking with his buddies, and does not go to the girlfriend’s house to change the bulb in time, it is a very serious matter, because he lost face in front of his parents!

In order to show his “first” part, he always likes to dominate his boyfriend, let him betray his relatives, and be an orphan “love” person!

In fact, how much your boyfriend cares about you, he also needs friends. If a man is lonely because of his lust, then the cave is like a prison cell.

  7, be sure to diamond ring!

  Proposing marriage is a checkpoint and it’s about economic issues.

Girls like to compare and pass the pressure on to her boyfriend. If you do n’t have a diamond ring, do n’t think about “dyeing your fingers”

Anxiety before marriage can make a man run away.

Love needs proof, but don’t show off in vanity.

Men are used to lean on, and more so to hold.

8, pillow man’s arms fall asleep, in fact, causing men to be tired, women are not comfortable.

Don’t carry the bride’s shelf. Going to bed like a sedan is a big burden for a man.

If this kind of psychological satisfaction of women is based on the “nausea” of the husband, the husband will later regard the bed as “afraid of the way” and numb his hands and feet as soon as he lies down.

  9, sexual punishment If the husband does not agree with some of your unreasonable demands, “strike the bed”, throw the husband’s pillow and ask him to roll!

This act of using sex as a weapon to force a husband into aversion or compliance may eventually evolve into a husband ‘s sexual coldness. In the long run, men will have a sense of frustration. Therefore, this behavior is equivalent to torture a man and isThe kind of hit in the dead, once the pillow of hate seeds sprouts, the pillow becomes a time bomb!

  10. Discipline her husband in public and kick him under the table.

  A man’s face is bigger than his ass, so be careful.

Afraid of his wife Although some people call it “virtue”, but they are afraid that his wife is a bit “dead” because it hurts people!

A man who is weak is afraid of his wife, but what pride and self-esteem does a weak man have?

  11. It’s not good to be indifferent to your husband-in-law, but the relationship between husband and wife is the worst. Because of the war between two women, it is often the one who turns into cannon fodder.In this situation, the man must live a fierce life.

  12, check the phone out of the pocket to pay attention to the husband’s “life style problems”, the other is to check the husband’s “economic problems”: whether there is a small coffers, whether to conceal or falsely report income.Three words: distrust.

Men in this family who are begging for life must be oppressed and miserable. A little carelessness will make mistakes. It is a bit like combing hair to queen mother Empress Cixi.

  13, “Empty” his “fine” power to participate in her husband’s “homework” every night, not “romantic” does not matter, most afraid of her husband’s strength to “throw away” outside.

Therefore, Ye Ye Sheng Song, fell away; strong desire to possess these women become lionesses who lost their minds!

Don’t think that men are thinking about “sex” at all times. Men also think with their brains.

  14, “You’re dumb”, “What are you thinking.

“After having sex, a man in stress often loses his mind and loses self-control, so he is clumsy and overwhelmed. He must take simple actions to restore intimacy. If this is the case, the excited wife wants her husband to be like herMany, and let him think about some cutting-edge issues such as how “God Six” got to heaven, it was too difficult for him.

  15, “Neighbors have changed cars again!

“This kind of strong stimulus that hates iron and steel can cause men to be annoyed and to develop inferiority complexes, so some men who are anxious will blurt out:” Neighbors have also changed their wives! ”

“Many men believe that their financial status reflects their intrinsic value, because when you make fun of his income, you are actually despising his ability to be a man.

  Men are stressed, but they don’t bother to talk; men are bitter, but they have to be happy; after the ribs are pulled off, the man still needs to be very strong . At this time, the man, a woman he loves, a gesture, an expressionAn unintentional injury . can be fatal, so relatively speaking, women live longer than men; then, good women should give them a way out. In fact, they need more care.

Yoga 6 helps you eliminate tiredness

Yoga 6 helps you eliminate tiredness

Because office work can’t afford sitting for a long time, it is easy to form various diseases, leaving many people in a sub-health state.

Mouse elbow, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis?

These are the troubles we often face.

The following 6 actions can effectively help you alleviate these bad conditions.

Take half an hour every day (or even just 5 minutes), try these simple yoga exercises we recommend to you at home, just stick to it, and you will be a radiant and energetic you in the office.

  Precautions for yoga practice: Do not eat 2-3 hours before yoga practice. Clean your bladder (urinate) before practicing yoga. Wear loose and comfortable clothes and bare feet as much as possible, and choose to practice in sunny and warm places.

A small towel can be used to complete some excellent big movements.

  Demonstration of movements: 1. Lung-step leg press essentials: Align the front knee with the toes behind the toes to make a large lunge, place the back legs on the ground, lower the center of gravity, the upper body is upright, and your hands are raised upwards.Look at the hand.

  Efficacy: Reduce excess traces on the back of the chest and thighs, move the center of gravity of the chest upward, reduce excess traces, and promote digestive function.

  2. Triangular gradient method: legs stand up, toes forward, step on toes to open 90 degrees, upper body side bends down until one finger tip touches the ground, the other hand compresses upward, arms are perpendicular to the ground, upper body andThe legs are in line.

  Efficacy: Reduce excess aunt on both sides of the waist, flexible and extend the spine, reduce ligaments of both arms and legs.

  3, Golden Rooster independent essentials: Hold the same side foot with the same side, slowly lower the upper body, and at the same time, raise the leg from the ground upwards, and extend the arm on the other side to maintain body balance.

  Efficacy: Exercise the ability to balance and concentrate, strengthen the leg muscles and strengthen the strength, massage the vice, abdomen, and lumbosacral vertebrae to exercise.

  4. Tiger style essentials: In a kneeling position, with one leg extended backwards, and raise the arm on the opposite side of the leg.

Keep your body balanced.
  Efficacy: Strong buttocks, legs and knees, relieve pain in the lumbar and sacral spine.

  5. Triangular twisting method: Twist the main shaft on the basis of the triangle, twist the hand to the outside of the foot of the other leg, and the other finger upward.

  Efficacy: Massage the internal organs, eliminate excess aunts in the waist and abdomen, extend the paralateral tendon, and strengthen the muscle strength of the legs.

  6, sitting angle style essentials: bend your knees with both hands to grasp the toes, slowly lift up, straighten straight.

Keep your body balanced on your shoulders and your back straight.

  Efficacy: Improve the balance of the human body, reduce excess abnormalities in the abdomen, strengthen the waist and tail, and especially strengthen the strength of the lower tail, which is beneficial to internal organs.

Yoga saves physical pain in high heels

Yoga saves physical pain in high heels

The following four yoga positions are aimed at the physiological problems brought by high heels.

Strengthen leg muscles, gradually damaged joints and muscles, and strengthen the body’s sense of balance and seclusion.

  High heels are the “darlings” of many women. From the perspective, they make their legs long, and they are more noble and elegant when walking. Their posture is sultry. Unfortunately, high heels also bring them a lot of pain and annoyance.

Due to long-term wearing of appropriate high-heeled shoes, women often suffer from foot pain, calf fatigue, backache and other problems, increasing the incidence of plantar plantaritis, arthritis, anteversion of the vertebral disc, increased strain, and great hallux eversionProblem.

  One, “seat type” repels plantar fasciitis. One of the causes is that wearing too high heels moves the center of gravity forward and the pressure is concentrated on the soles of the feet. Over time, it will cause plantar fasciitis.Suffering from pain, redness and swelling.

  Action: Stand in a mountain position, legs close together, head up, chest up, hips straight.

  Exhale and squat backwards with your legs close together. Imagine a seat at the back that straightens your thighs to the ground.

  Then bend the soles of your feet, keep your heels off the ground, and maintain this posture for five to free radical breathing.

Inhale and return to a mountain-type standing position.

  Efficacy: Strengthen the muscle strength of the soles and calves, and exercise a sense of balance.

  Tip: Put your center of gravity in front of your feet and keep your back straight.

If you find it difficult to balance, you can rely on practice.

  Second, the “Warrior-style first” corrects the pelvis forward and puts on high heels, the body’s center of gravity will be forward, causing the pelvis to lean forward, increasing the lumbar vertebra, long-term excessive strain on the back muscles, which will cause back pain.
  Action: Mountain-style standing posture.

Inhale, legs open about 4 feet wide, hands open and shoulders level, forming a “big” character.

  Lift your hands up, your fingers facing up, and your palms folded to the top of your head.

  Turn your body and left foot 90 degrees to the left, facing forward.

  Flex your left knee until your thighs form a 90-degree angle with your calves.

  Hold this posture for 5 to 8 breaths.

  When you are done, repeat the above steps with another foot.

  Efficacy: Correct the problem of anteversion of the pelvic disc, extend the tibia, tibia and spine; it also helps to relieve back pain and sciatica.

It helps to strengthen the spine and body softness.

  Tip: Keep the lower pot dry straight ahead.

The positive electrode is not the toe, and the back is closed.

  Three “downward dog styles” to keep legs slender to completely eliminate the correction and fatigue of legs, hips and lower back caused by wearing high heels. Downward dog styles will be a good yoga posture, which can reduce the legs, but alsoCan strengthen the front end strength, reduce back pain caused by wearing high heels.

  Action: Sit on the knees, hold your hands on the ground, and prepare in cat style.

  Inhale; at the same time straighten your knees and raise your hips until your heels touch the ground.

  Form a triangle.

Hold this attitude for 20 to 30 seconds.

Take a rest with blood sugar after restoring.

  Efficacy: Effectively shrink calves, thighs, arms, and keep legs elastic.

Reduces the chance of varicose veins in the legs. It also eliminates heel and shoulder pain and strengthens the sciatic nerve.

  Tip: Keep your legs straight, pull your hands and toes forward; avoid arching and knee flexing.

If the heel can’t step on the ground, first inhale deeply through the nose, lift it forward, exhale the mouth, press down on the lower back and heels, and gradually improve after more exercises.

  Four “horizontal leg extensions” eliminate calf fatigue When wearing high heels, the muscles of the calf will change and contract after the body leans forward, which will cause calf fatigue and cause calf expansion and contraction.

  Action: Lie flat on the ground and place on both sides of the body.

  Knee right knee, hold right toe knee with right hand.

  Inhale and slowly straighten your right foot straight up, with your heels up and your toes facing your face.  Hold this position for about 20 seconds, repeat the above steps with your feet changed.

  Efficacy: Shrink the calf and hamstring muscles, improve the stiffness of the legs, shrink the fractures, and help relieve back pain and sciatica.

  Tip: Keep your left foot straight and your left pelvic bone close to the ground. Avoid arching your tibia, and do n’t shrink or raise your shoulder and ankle.

If you can’t grasp the toenails tightly, you can put the yoga rope on the soles of the feet, and then pull the rope instead, but still keep the upper and lower feet straight.