Is it sin for a man to confide?

Is it “sin” for a man to confide?

“My wife plays mahjong every day late in the middle of the night, and I ca n’t rest. If I complain, she adds all the bad words in front of everyone .” Yesterday, the women’s rights hotline received a complaint from a man.
  According to the Volunteer Hotline Answering Volunteers and High Judge of the Second Intermediate People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China, since the Women’s Rights Hotline was opened in March 2000, the number of daily calls has been increasing, reaching 2807 people last year alone.
In recent years, many men have also called, complained or asked for help.
There are three main situations: one is that the husband is financially weak and despised and abused by the wife; the other is that the wife is financially weak and has a bad mental state and a negative attitude towards life, which causes the husband to be dissatisfied;People, his wife’s “cold violence” indifferent to her husband.
  Mr. Liu, who lives in Dapuqiao Street, Luwan District, is 42 years old.
Five years ago, he was paralyzed in the lower body due to a car accident, and his family life was supported by his wife alone.
Over time, his irritable wife became more and more resentful of her husband, often adding his fists for little things.
After being aggrieved, Mr. Liu learned in the newspaper that the Women’s Federation had a women’s rights protection hotline, so he dialed the hotline and suffered a lot.
Volunteers at the hotline encouraged Mr. Liu to understand his wife’s hard work, revive hopes for life, “disabled but not disabled”, and encouraged him to seek employment opportunities from the Disabled Federation and the streets.
  ”I work hard every day to make her enjoy her happiness at home. She doesn’t even do any housework, and she can’t stand it every day. I can’t stand it!
Mr. Zhao from Wujiaochang Street, Yangpu District, introduced a women’s rights protection hotline through a friend’s introduction.
Mr. Zhao, a lumber business, had a large income, so his wife, who was a bus conductor, quit his job and settled down at home as a “father-in-law”.
Unexpectedly, the wife either played cards with the younger sisters and played mahjong every day, or was doing nothing with the TV, her home was dirty and messy, and she did not clean up.
What annoyed Mr. Zhao even more was that his wife was “suspecting and suspicious” about him, suspecting that he had an affair, and often had nothing wrong with him, provoking trouble.
Mr. Zhao “can’t stand it” and had to ask the women’s rights hotline for help.
  Some men call women’s rights protection hotlines because they can’t stand the “cold violence” of their wives.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Shi are highly-educated civil servants. After being married for 3 years, his wife, who has been gentle and pleasant, suddenly became extremely cold to her husband, not only asking for a separate bed, but also hardly talking to her husband.
Mr. Shi tried hard to communicate, but his wife avoided it deliberately.
“I don’t want to lose her, what should I do?
How do you think men call women’s rights hotline?
Xu Anqi, vice chairman of the Municipal Marriage and Family Research Association and researcher of the Institute of Sociology of the Municipal Academy of Social Sciences, said: “Men calling women’s rights protection hotline is a sign of social progress.
“She said that although the hotline may not help people solve the problem, it provides a way to talk.
In the past, men were generally not good at talking, but now the society has improved and their concepts have been updated. Facing the pressure of life and social competition, men also have the need to talk.
Talking about good health.
She suggested the development of psychosocial counselling institutions so that men also have a place to talk.
  Aiming at the confusion faced by men in the family, Lu Ronggen, an expert on rights protection of the Women’s Federation’s Rights Department, said: “To build a harmonious family requires the joint efforts of both spouses.
He suggested that both spouses have their own career pursuits and do not form an economically dependent relationship. If one party does not have a job, it is easy to lose his life goal, leading to spiritual emptiness and lack of enthusiasm, which in turn leads to various conflicts between husband and wife.
In addition, husbands and wives should also strengthen communication. If small issues are not dealt with, they will accumulate and eventually lead to conflict.

Application principles of medicated diet

Application principles of medicated diet

Medicinal diet has many functions such as health care, disease prevention, etc., and certain principles should be observed in application.

Drugs are effective in curing illnesses, and they are effective in treating illnesses. The medicated diet is often used to protect the body and prevent illnesses.

Medicinal diet has a very important part in health care, health, and rehabilitation, but medicinal diet cannot replace drug therapy.

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and should be appropriate to the law depending on the specific person and condition, and should not be abused.


Meal based on evidence: Traditional Chinese medicine talks about dialectical treatment, and the application of medicated diet should also be compatible on the basis of dialectical identification. For example, patients with blood deficiency should supplement blood with dates, peanuts, and patients with yin deficiency should use wolfberry and lily, Ophiopogon and so on.

Only by using materials based on evidence, can the health effects of medicated diet be exerted.


Different from time to time: Chinese medicine believes that people correspond to the sun and the moon, and the operation of human organs and blood is closely related to climate change in the natural world.

“Cold with cold, hot with hot” means that when using cold medicine, you should avoid the cold winter, and when using warm medicine, you should avoid the hot summer.

The same applies to medicated diets.


Meal for people: People’s physical ages should be different when taking medicated meals. Children’s constitution is delicate. It is not appropriate to choose raw materials for the cold and hot.Bloody and smooth products.

This should be paid attention to in the medicated diet.


Vary from place to place: Different regions, climatic conditions, and living habits have certain differences. There are also differences in human physiological activities and pathological changes, and some of them deviate.It is nourishing, and the Guangdong diet in the south is more refreshing and sweet. The same reason applies to the selection of medicinal diet.

The race is dull?

It is better to try this

The race is dull?

It is better to try this

The so-called white cover three ugly girls in addition to pursuing skin fairness and smoother is more important to keep the skin transparent and lustrous. How to make the skin smooth and translucent and faint. Cause 1: Muscle age growth When you find that when you wake up in the morning, the skin can not be heavyNow changing back to white and translucent, it means that the metabolic disorder, the smallest unit of the constituent cells – protein, is damaged.

Solution: Please choose the skin care products for protein repair, open the appetite and absorption channels of the cells, and choose the appropriate skin care products.

Cause 2: The skin is dehydrated into climate change, the amount of natural moisturizing factor in the epidermis is reduced, the water capture factor in the dermis is reduced, the skin is locked in water, and the water resistance is obviously weakened.

When dry lines appear due to lack of water, the light does not reflect smoothly and looks dull.

Solution: Moisturizing can’t be done, and moisturizing essence should be used every morning and evening.

When dealing with extreme water shortages, you can even apply a moisturizing mask once a night to improve the improvement and then reduce the frequency of use.

Cause 3: Excessive sun exposure After ultraviolet light, the skin color is inevitable.

Blackening of the skin is actually a kind of self-protection that causes deeper sun damage.

Solution: Sunlight is the main cause of skin aging and the formation of bleak and long spots on the skin. Even in spring, if you let the sun shine for ten minutes, the skin will prematurely decay for ten days.

It is recommended to do an accurate skin test before purchasing sunscreen.

For oily skin, water-based sunscreen products should be selected for penetration; dry skin should be selected from creamy sunscreen products; neutral skin is generally not strictly prescribed, and emulsion-like sunscreen is suitable for various skin types.

Cause 4: Poor mood When the endocrine disorder occurs, the microcirculatory system (blood circulation and lymphatic circulation) is not smooth, and the skin is filled with nervous nerve signals, the skin will show faintness.

Solution: Find a balance between work and family, exercise more, sweat more, smile more, and the skin will reward you with youthful brilliance.

Cause 5: If the stratum corneum is not exfoliated regularly, it is like a mirror covered with dust, and the skin is of course dull.

Solution: Under the condition of skin keratin health, according to the skin itself, oily skin or wet season can go keratin once a week, dry skin or dry season once every two weeks; mixed skin can focus on exfoliation in T area.

When peeling occurs, you can’t exfoliate.

Brightening the skin and eating these 1 beans is the main medium for generating human energy. It is responsible for the delivery of oxygen to human organs and muscles.

Therefore, if the body lacks iron, it will lead to anemia, making people feel dizzy and weak.

Although pig liver and lean meat are the best sources of iron, eating some red beans, black beans or soybeans can also supplement the iron supplement and effectively improve the fatigue and weakness.

2 Spinach spinach contains minerals, which are more easily deficient in women.

If the magnesium intake of women is 280 mg per day, people will feel tired and boring.

The role of magnesium in the human body is to transform the embryos in the muscle into usable energy.

3 Kiwifruit Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C, which can interfere with melanin production, prevent pigmentation, keep skin fair, and eliminate spots such as freckles on the skin.

Kiwifruit must be cooked before it can be eaten.

The immature kiwi fruit has a sour taste and feels a prick. It is rich in a large amount of protease, which breaks down the protein of the tongue and oral mucosa and causes discomfort.

4 strawberry strawberry is rich in vitamin C, and vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron, so that the cells are nourished, so eating more strawberries can make the body full.

5 Banana bananas are called “high-energy foods” and contain impurities that are easily absorbed by the body, while also adding potassium.

Potassium can help maintain the normal function of muscles and nerves in the human body, but it can’t be stored in the body for a lot of time. After cardiovascular exercise, the body’s potassium will drop very low.

Studies have shown that too low potassium can cause muscle pain, arrhythmia, slow response, etc., while eating a few bananas can supplement potassium deficiency.

6 honey keeps the skin rosy and lustrous. Honey is known as the most perfect nutritious food in nature. It is rich in a lot of amino acids, vitamins and sugars that are easily absorbed by the body. The nutrition is comprehensive and rich. The regular food can make the skin rosy, delicate and shiny.

When eating, it can be washed with warm boiled water, or transferred to soy milk, milk, porridge, or food. However, avoid high temperature, no more than 60 tons, otherwise, vitamins and enzymes in honey will be destroyed.

What are the symptoms of uremia?

What are the symptoms of uremia?

Core tips: The symptoms and symptoms of uremia are introduced here. Once some symptoms of kidney disease are found, it must be treated in time to prevent the condition from worsening!

  Uremia is mainly due to the development of certain chronic kidney diseases, and the harm of uremia is very great. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of uremia for patients with kidney disease. You can only do this if you understand the symptoms and symptoms of uremia.Good prevention work, let’s find out together!

  What are the symptoms of uremia?

Experts point out that patients with uremia generally have several symptoms.

  1. Patients’ friends generally have some symptoms of the digestive system. Uremic disease makes it impossible to eliminate waste in the body. The first effect is the digestive system. Almost every patient has loss of appetite, bloating, nausea, vomiting, acid reflux, and belching.Wait.

The incidence of renal ulcer symptoms reported in the literature is as high as 18%?
24%, mainly manifested as a small amount of vomiting or melena.

  2. Patients generally have some blood symptoms. Wastes in patients with uremia cannot be eliminated in a timely manner, which leads to an increase in the waste content of the patient’s blood. Patients often experience bleeding from the skin and mucous membranes, manifested by subcutaneous ecchymosis, gums and aboveBleeding under the membrane, epistaxis, etc.

  3. Patients generally have some symptoms in the nervous spirit. The accumulation of waste in the body of uremia patients first affects some of the weak organs and tissues in the body, which can easily affect the nerves.

However, the incidence of neuropsychiatric symptoms in uremia reaches 13%?
86% were mainly conscious disturbances, cranial nerve damage, muscle contractions, and seizures.

  4. Patients generally have some symptoms in the respiratory tract. Waste accumulation in uremia patients can easily cause some complications, and the incidence of pulmonary infections in uremia is reduced by 50%. The most common are bronchitis, bronchial pneumonia, and purulentbronchitis.

  5. Patients will have some symptoms on the cardiovascular system. Due to the accumulation of waste in the body of uremia, changes in the patient’s blood content can easily cause some symptoms of cardiovascular disease. Up to 80% of uremia patients with renal hypertension?
90%, manifested as headache, dizziness, severe vomiting, convulsions and other symptoms of hypertensive encephalopathy.

The incidence of uremic pericarditis is as high as 60%?
100%, 30%?

Chinese medicine prescription for treating eye faintness

Chinese medicine prescription for treating eye faintness

Chinese medicine treatment of eye faintness prescription prescription faintness refers to wind and heat attack, dim eyes, unclear vision; or flowers, yellow, red, white, and black in front of you.

How to treat dim eyes?

Here are seven TCM prescriptions for the replacement of faint patients and the reference of Chinese medicine practitioners!

  Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of eye dim flower prescription 1 drugs: Chuanxiong, licorice, Asarum, Chinese bellflower 6 grams each; 7 scorpion tips; 6 grams of borneol; 6 grams of mint leaves; 3 grams of realgar Usage: 8 flavors, except for realgarThe drug research is fine, and realgar research is very fine.

Each time, take a paper tube, take the powder and put it in the nostril of the patient.

  Chinese medicine treatment of eye dim flower prescription 2 drugs: Chuanxiong, Mint, Nepeta spike each 15 grams; thenardite, gypsum, bellflower 30 grams each, borneol 1 grams.

  Usage: Shangqiwei, research together for fine.

Each time, take a paper tube, take the powder and put it in the nostril of the patient.

Forbes exposes 15 longevity secrets

Forbes exposes 15 longevity secrets

According to the Korea East Asia Daily, the US economic magazine Forbes recently published 15 secrets of longevity.

  The first suggestion is that you don’t want to sleep too much.

Related surveys show that people who sleep more than 8 hours a day will have a significantly shorter life expectancy.

The ideal sleep time is 6 or 7 hours.

The deaths of people who sleep less than 4 hours are also high.

  People who are good at adjusting their emotions will live longer.

The life of people who become uneasy or angry after being stimulated will be shortened.

According to a 2002 study by Johns Hopkins University, men with the most extreme stress response have a three-fold higher risk of heart disease than other peers.

  Another secret is to choose a marriage.

This is not to say that you are married to someone who has money.

Even trying to get married with someone whose grandparents are alive.

Because genetics is also a priority for longevity.

  There are also studies showing that adequate sexual relations can also help longevity.

It is not that sexual relationships themselves promote longevity, but because of the ability to achieve emotional stability and relieve stress through adequate sexual relationships.

  In addition, meditation is also very important.

The New York Israel Hospital Research Group said that the best way to eliminate stress is to meditate.

15 minutes of meditation is more effective in eliminating stress than 1 hour of sleep.

  The survey shows that economic prosperity is also a priority for longevity.

Of the households with an average annual income of less than $20,000 in the United States, 24% have chronically ill patients and an average annual income of 7.

Only 6% of households with more than $50,000 have chronically ill patients.

  In addition, Forbes also lists the long-lived secrets of positive thinking, VAP testing to measure blood pressure numbers, smoking cessation, regular exercise, laughter, weight loss, and mediation pressure.

Seasonal meals

Seasonal meals

Chinese New Year is always inevitable, wine and food, between the chips staggered, the big fish and big meat fell down.

During an interview yesterday, the reporter found that after the Spring Festival, the sales of coarse grains such as oatmeal and corn flakes in our city have risen sharply. Many restaurants and hotels have also launched light and healthy dishes.

  After the hotel launched the light health lettuce, we adjusted the recipe immediately after the Spring Festival.

Wu Songde, general manager of Yangzhou Shizilou Restaurant, said that during the Spring Festival, many citizens are full of fish and meat at home.

So they consciously adjusted the dishes, such as replacing braised beef and braised lamb with steamed fish or braised fish, and increased the previous two vegetarian dishes to four vegetarian dishes.

In cooking methods, less oil and less salt.

  Wang Feng, general manager of Yangzhou Ruifu Restaurant, said that in response to the characteristics of consumers eating salty goods and too much fish and meat during the Spring Festival, they will launch a new series of light health alternatives next spring.

The dishes use healthy ingredients such as yam and black fungus, as well as seasonal wild vegetables and vegetables during the Spring Festival.

  A related person from the City Cooking Association said that many restaurants will launch light health sites after the Spring Festival, and many diners also have light gastrointestinal requirements when ordering.

Dishes are moving towards light health, which is the choice of the market and the development trend of the catering industry.

  Coarse grain sales have risen sharply and hotels have introduced light vegetables, and many citizens have eaten coarse grains at home.

“For two days, we have to replenish the shift every night.

“The relevant person of Yangzhou Shiliangdian said that the daily sales of cereals, corn flakes, barley dumplings, etc. are around one to two hundred kilograms a day, and the two days’ sales have reached 800 kilograms.

Many citizens hope to adjust their gastrointestinal balance by eating coarse grains.

  The person in charge of Nanfang Vegetables Commercial Bank introduced that the old pumpkin and red pumpkin were in supply and demand for two days, and the daily sales reached about 5 tons.

During the interview, the reporter learned that potato, carrot, taro and other miscellaneous grains and soy products in the farmers’ market are very popular.

  We should actively adjust our eating habits. “I have eaten big fish and meat for a few days. At this time, we should eat more light things, adjust our eating habits, and let the stomach slowly return to normal.

“People in the catering industry said that the staple food for the next few days should be based on coarse grains. You can increase the amount of coarse grains such as corn and oats, and pay attention to increasing the proportion of dark or green vegetables.

At the same time, drink plenty of porridge and soup, a small amount of fresh green leafy vegetables, millet porridge, noodle soup, wonton soup, etc., without hindering the order of pickles. These soups and water have a good “clear fire” effect, which makes “overwhelmed” wasteful.Rest adjustment.

  In addition, you must force yourself to drink more water, especially boiled water. This can quickly restart the metabolism of the road and reduce the damage to the kidneys from a lot of meat food and alcohol.

Of course, fruits are also quite effective to adjust the imbalanced digestive function during the festival.

5 big health effects of pepper: while eating peppers elegantly, while raising health

5 big health effects of pepper: while eating peppers elegantly, while raising health

Search and share must-have: Give you a spicy and unhappy, while you eat peppers gracefully, while autumn health seasons, many friends belong to the “no spicy and not happy” class.

Chili can give you a natural stimulating sensation and a warmth to the cold.

Most people know that when peppers are eaten more, they will get angry and hurt the stomach.

But to eat chili, just do the right amount.

Pepper has many unexpected health benefits.

First: warm stomach to drive the cold “Food Materia Medica” said that pepper can warm the spleen and stomach.

If you are cold and have vomiting, diarrhea, stomach aches and other symptoms, you can eat some peppers.

Second: to promote blood circulation, pepper has a certain medicinal properties, so it can “except the wind and sweat, sputum, dehumidification.

“Explained in modern medicine, it can promote blood circulation, improve cold, frostbite, vascular headache.

Third: “red skin” fruits and vegetables such as anti-cancer red apples and red peppers have an intervention effect on tumor diseases such as lung cancer.

Fourth: prevention of gallstones often eat green pepper can prevent gallstones.

Green pepper is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C. The excess cholesterol in the body is converted into bile acid, thus preventing gallstones. Those who have suffered from gallstones eat more green vitamin C, which has a certain effect on relieving the disease.

Fifth: Jianwei, help digestion of pepper has a stimulating effect on the oral cavity and reorganization, can enhance gastrointestinal motility, promote the secretion of digestive juice, improve appetite, and can inhibit abnormal fermentation in the intestine.

Chinese pepper can stimulate the release of prostaglandin E2, which is beneficial to promote the regeneration of gastric mucosa, maintain insulin cell function, and implant gastric ulcer.

Food Tips: Although the pepper is delicious, it must be in moderation.

Must-see for boys: a little way to decrypt girls

Must-see for boys: a little way to decrypt girls

Let’s analyze girls from 8 small details.

  Many boys always think that girls are emotional animals that are difficult to understand. Especially when they first met, once the rules of the game changed, they even felt that it was a game of watching flowers in the mist.

When boys see the object they like, the response is usually very direct and simple, and sometimes it will bring a sense of challenge and conquest; but girls are much more subtle!

Because most girls will be very cautious or even hysterical when they first begin to interact with boys, but once the relationship becomes closer, the situation will change 180 degrees.

Therefore, smart boys should be able to quickly enter the acquaintance period with each other, so that instead of men chasing women, women stare at men.

Knowing ourselves and knowing each other, we might as well start with the girls’ subtle expressions and actions!


The girls who lower their heads when they see boys on the road actually need to know a girl. The look is the most accurate. Most Oriental women will lower their heads involuntarily when they pass out with the opposite sex. But there are also differences.The mystery lies.

  If she looks at you with very ordinary eyes, it means that she doesn’t have any special feelings for you, but if the other person looks at you with a very cheerful look and don’t be too happy when you look at her, she may just be in a good mood and you unexpectedlyEnough!

  When a girl meets his favorite man unexpectedly, she will lower her head involuntarily when she first sees it, but occasionally use her eyes to look at it. If you keep looking at her, she usually keeps her head down or looks elsewhere until you stopI was watching you secretly while watching, of course, some girls will show you back generously, but this is a minority!

Because most women are afraid that they show a good feeling for boys, they will feel casual and frivolous.


The sense of direction is very poor, and girls who often go the wrong way are prone to poor sense of direction is an interesting phenomenon!

The most common fact is to get lost without any sense of direction.

  If she is justified in getting lost in an unfamiliar place, if she is not familiar with the route near her home or school, this type of woman is usually very dependent on others, especially prefers to ask for directions directly instead of looking at maps orIt is easier to understand the road map at all. If they encounter something, they often ask for help, lack of autonomy and subjective ideas. If she is your girlfriend, you must take good care of her boyfriend. You must not let her feel that youUnreliable, otherwise there will be endless racks or even red apricots coming out of the wall!


In the chat with her boyfriend, girls who often mention other men are often mentioned. Many girls will seize the psychological weakness of the boys, so that the boys will stick to her more desperately. The most common trick is to inadvertently talk when chatting with her boyfriend.Names or things of other irrelevant boys.

Men in love usually avoid mentioning previous male friends or the opposite sex in order to prevent the other person from being suspicious or other harm. However, after dating for a while, some girls will inadvertently mention the names of middle school students when chatting.Or things, although the woman may just downplay, the man may not respond, but the heart is surging!

  ☆ Girls usually do this for several purposes. First, they want to provoke boys’ natural jealousy and make the other person more active.

  Second, I want to know how much the other person loves himself.

  Third, let the man have a sense of crisis and may involve a third party.


There are some girls who often ask her boyfriend to swear to Heaven. Almost often, her boyfriend swears to Tian: “I truly love you”, “I won’t change my heart, otherwise it will thunder and thunder” and so on.

Be careful if your girlfriend is kind too!

Usually they hold a distrustful attitude towards love, often accompanied by the vow of each other to confirm their love; but when the vow becomes a formulaic answer, she will empathize in pursuit of another new vowLove, Sasha Biabia once said: “The boy’s vow will only make the girl betray him!

“So you must be smart, you can often speak sweet words, just don’t swear in front of girls!


The tendency of girls who like to keep pets to keep pets has continued, especially as more and more metropolitan women start to raise pets. The more pet stores around the shop are opened, the more loyal customers who come to the door are mostly women.Someone who pets smashed a lot of banknotes was there.

  Analyzing the reasons, it is not difficult to find that such women usually want to make up for the emptiness that they cannot meet the ideal boy by caring for pets. After all, raising puppies and kittens is much simpler than falling in love without worrying.The other side will change heart.

  Another reason why women keep pets is because they want to create a world where they can fully control and care for themselves. They do n’t like or are good at human-to-human (especially with the opposite sex) interaction, preferring simpler animals.Found in the world.


Girls who keep their eyes open when kissing are very romantic.

Most people close their eyes involuntarily when kissing, especially women, because girls are naturally more sensitive to touch than vision in terms of sexual desire.

However, some girls like to open their eyes wide when kissing. There are usually two different explanations for such girls: the first is that she is slow and unable to concentrate, and has a tendency to feel cold; the other is that she is a master of love,Sexuality already feels like a daily routine. When kissing, she needs a new feeling. Opening an eye to kiss can see each other’s expression, which is much more fun for her!


Girls who show photos to men when they are young. Women usually mind taking pictures of themselves (especially of the opposite sex) when they are young, especially when they are naked or when they are young.

Because most people ‘s photos after hours are very “clumsy”, let alone friends of the opposite sex, sometimes even close friends in the boudoir cannot see.

  If one day, when a woman takes a picture of her in private or an ugly headshot in private, it may be that she is suggesting a good impression on you.
Because she has already removed you from your heart defense, your psychological distance is quite close, so you should seize the opportunity!

A girl who likes to ponytail her hair, in addition to pursuing fashion or work needs, usually a girl who likes to ponytail her hair is usually an independent woman with a strong sense of self. She has her own ideas for everythingIt’s a bit like Capricorn’s personality: stubborn choice.

Want to change her mind, unless you can come up with a way to convince her, and when she’s in a bad mood, say less and do more. When the audience is the best policy, wait until her mood eases and talk to herChat is a good way!

Test what ghosts live in you

Test what ghosts live in you

Are you hiding yourself in your heart?

Do n’t you even understand it yourself?

You’ll know when you finish the pig test below.

  Translation: One day, in the forest, a big fat pig and a small lean pig met a big wolf. How do you think this story is more reasonable?

  A, the big fat pig scared the small lean pig and said, “The big wolf is going to eat you!

B, the lean pig said to the big wolf: “I am thin and small, but I can make more meat sausages with fat pigs.

C, the big fat pig said to the small lean pig, “Don’t be afraid, I am big and strong and can protect you.”

D, big fat pigs and small lean pigs have been eaten by the big wolf!

  E, these three become good friends A. The “ghost” in your heart is a hegemonic general. No matter how docile you look, but deep inside, you have a sense of superiority beyond ordinary people.

You also often feel quite confident about your talents in certain areas.

Even if you help others, you can show your superiority!

  B, the “ghost” in your heart is a timid little girl. Your heart lacks sufficient sense of security.

Small abnormalities can make you depressed for a few days.

If you can’t convince yourself, the comfort of others is often useless!

To protect yourself, your thoughts and behaviors can also become aggressive because of fear!

  C, the “ghost” in your heart is an optimistic, “hero” with a sense of justice. You have a fair view of the world, admit that both good and evil coexist; and believe that through your own efforts and the efforts of everyone, evil can be overcome.

Therefore, in daily life, as long as there is room for effort, you will work hard to move forward, and it is not easy for you to give in!

  D, the “ghost” in your heart is a mature old man. You have a mature age that is not commensurate with your age. You are over-thinking like an old man and use inertial thinking to look at things in progress; you may even be pessimistic about something.And gave up the opportunity to work hard.

Even if I truly love someone’s thing, I will consciously treat it as “irrational request”, and it is really hard!

  E, the “ghost” in your heart is a naive and optimistic child. You believe that the world is beautiful, and evil things will be touched by beauty in the end.

Therefore, you are usually not prepared for others.

Or you are in a privileged environment where there is no chance of you being harmed.

But if you are in a vacuum like this, if you are injured, you will often be hurt more than anyone!