Shenque Point – Navel and Health

Shenque Point – Navel and Health

Shenque Point – Navel and Health Kaiyun Health 2018-10-04 Looking up and seeing the navel, it turned out to be an important acupoint in Chinese medicine – Shenque.

Today, I would like to talk about this familiar and mysterious acupuncture point. The umbilicus, located in the middle of the abdomen, is a life-rooted tissue left behind by the newborn’s umbilical cord. It is an important part of the traditional Chinese medicine meridian system.Acupoints, called oracles, are also known as “umbilical”, “qishe”, “qihe”, “weihe”, “loop”, “life tidy”.

The motherland medicine called the umbilical cord “the god”.

The umbilical cord is in the middle, such as the door of the door; the god is congenital, God is the vitality of the soul, and the monarch is the gate of the city, the place where the vitality lives.

The gods, the gods and their homes, the upper part of the heavens, the lower part of the ground, the two sides of the air pockets, blind Yu, there are water under the cross household (yin exchange), cell door, sub-house.

The umbilical cord is in the middle of the door, the gods pass the congenital, when the parents intersect to place the fetus, the congenital umbilical cord is like the lotus stem, the mother’s life gate, the day is raw water and the kidney, like the untouched lotus, the five elements are opposite each other, the motherAccording to legend.

When the baby is full in October, God introduces a person into the umbilicus, hence the name of God.

According to the test, “umbilical middle” is the “porch of a porch” found in the process of practicing the ancient Dan family.

After the birth of the people, cut the umbilical cord and leave a little real gas to gather under the navel, which is the foundation of life.

Ancient practitioners also believe that the human body has a Taiji diagram centered on the umbilicus, with a diameter of three inches. There are two pairs of yin and yang fish in the middle, which produce yin and yang induction, blood and blood rise and fall, and the vitality is continuous, with the umbilical cord.The center of the Jiugong distribution is the center of life, the root of life.

The god is located in the Renmai, and the Renmai is the sea of the Yinmai, and in the table with the Governor, the common division manages the veins of the human body.

Therefore, the umbilical cord and the hundred through each other.

The umbilical cord is also the place where the rushing to serve, and Renmai, Dumai, and Chengmai are “one source and three differences”, so the three veins pass through the gas phase.

In the growth and development of Shenque points, the mother blood is supplied with nutrients and development from here. It is also the last closed part of the abdominal wall. The cuticle of the epidermis is the thinnest, the barrier function is the weakest, and there is no fecal tissue under the umbilicus. The skin fascia is directly connected.
Therefore, the umbilicus is the weakest place in the human body.

Before, some netizens called it a cure for umbilical hernia. It is equivalent to opening the door for sickness, and the body will only get worse and worse!

[What is the most afraid of the navel?

】 After reading the above-mentioned knowledge of the gods and acupoints, you will have a better understanding of the following navel life taboos.

First, the navel is very easy to hide dirt, and our daily cleaning is not easy to wash, for a long time, there will be a piece of dirty blocks inside.

Many people look uncomfortable and will try to clean themselves.

In fact, this is a very dangerous action.

Because our navel is the closest position of our internal organs to the outside. If you use force, it will be implicated in the internal organs. If it is smashed, it may cause infection, inflammation, and even affect the stomach.

Therefore, it is best not to touch the acupuncture points of the navel.

Second, many female friends, because of their natural physique is weak, or the day after tomorrow is more greedy, like to eat cold drinks, resulting in physical chills.

The most obvious feature of physical cold is that the hands and feet are cold in winter, some women with heavier chills, and even the hands are cool all year round.

If a female friend often wears a navel, or does not pay attention to the warmth of the navel, it may cause cold invasion, affecting women’s blood, which will lead to problems such as dysmenorrhea.

Therefore, it is very important for women to maintain the navel.

[Daily health of the navel]How do you use the navel to carry out maintenance on the whole body to achieve the effect of prolonging life?

First, press the navel in the morning before getting up, before going to bed at night, emptying the urine and urine, relaxing all over the body, lying on the bed, overlapping, the palms overlap on the navel, first 揉 108 turns in the counterclockwise direction, then clockwiseDirection 揉 108 laps.

This method can strengthen the brain and tonify the kidney, help digestion, calm the nerves, reduce the bowel movements, strengthen the metabolism of the liver, combine the qi and blood, and promote and adjust the function of the internal organs, which can improve the body’s resistance.

It has the effect of prolonging life.

Second, moxibustion navel this method can be transformed into help, vitality, health care.

For women, moxibustion navel can have a very good role in cold and qi.

There are ancient sayings: “Health is based on gods.

Stroke medication can only be maintained, to receive all the work, moxibustion is good!

“It can be seen that the moxibustion god has a multiplier effect on the treatment of stroke.

Third, the drug applied to the umbilical cord for the treatment of cold and cold can be applied to the umbilical method.

Cut the ginger into ginger, then apply the ginger to the navel and fix it with medical tape for 10 minutes every day. It can effectively eliminate the cold in the body, treat the spleen and stomach, treat diarrhea, and regulate health.Article source: Network

Eat these three kinds of food in the autumn, moisturizing the lungs and preventing the disease.

Eat these three kinds of food in the autumn, moisturizing the lungs and preventing the disease.

In the autumn, these three kinds of foods are used to moisturize the lungs and prevent disease. The lily is in the view of the Chinese Medicine Five Elements. The lungs in the five internal organs of the human body correspond to the white in the colorless, and in the season, it corresponds to the autumn.Chinese medicine believes that white food can help lungs to relieve dryness, and white foods are mostly cold and cold, so the applicable body is very wide, so in the autumn diet, you want to better lungs and eat more white food.It is necessary, and lily is the best choice.

Lily has always been regarded as a nourishing good. It has a unique taste and is also highly nutritious in Chinese. It contains about 30 mg of protein, 100 mg of sucrose, 50 mg of pectin and so on.An important nutrient for the body.

At the same time, Chinese medicine believes that lily is sweet, flat, and can enter the lungs, heart, with excellent lungs and cough, soothe the nerves to help sleep.

Lily is rich in mucus, which can exert the effect of clearing away heat and relieving dryness, so it plays an excellent role in relieving cough caused by lung heat.

2, pear pear is the seasonal fruit in autumn, so eating more pears in the fall can break through the good health and disease prevention.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, pears are cool and sweet, have excellent health effects of moistening the lungs and removing phlegm, clearing away heat and detoxification, so eating more pears in the dry autumn is an excellent choice for preventing dryness and lungs.

At the same time, pears are rich in water, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. These substances are important components for human growth. They also provide excellent nourishment to the lungs and achieve lung function.

The weather in autumn is very dry, and the human body is also prone to the symptoms of getting angry because of lack of water. In addition, it is easy to cause symptoms in the throat, and the pear is soft and juicy, contains a lot of water, and can eat more pears.Good hydrating, the role of lungs.

3, almond almond is a very common dried fruit, with a very high nutritional value, it is a good choice for the treatment of lungs and nourishing yin.

Chinese medicine believes that almonds have a health-care effect of moistening the lungs and digestion.

The almonds are rich in dietary fiber, oil and other nutrients, among which the oil quality is relatively stable and has a certain aromatic taste, which is easily digested by the human body.

At the same time, the almond also contains a large amount of amygdalin, which is replaced by the human body to promote interaction and peristalsis, and can decompose the asynchronous microbial enzyme produced in the interaction, and the produced substance is on the human body.The respiratory central nervous system produces a good inhibitory effect, which is also an important way to achieve cough and lungs.

Therefore, in the dry autumn, it is better to eat more almonds to help them better health and disease prevention. Among them, for the poor body, the weak people choose to eat more almonds, which is the first choice for nourishing diet.

However, although the almonds are good, they can’t eat too much, so as not to induce the symptoms of getting angry.

The way the elderly excrete psychological pressure

The way the elderly excrete psychological pressure

To properly treat and deal with psychological stress, you must first be responsible for your own thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

If a person can be responsible for himself, he dares to face pressure.

Being positive with a positive attitude means clearly recognizing that some people and things can be psychologically stressed.

In fact, everything has two sides, and people and things that cause psychological stress can be seen as a kind of mental burden, or as a turning point.

  Understand that this is worse in your mind, because understanding the external factors that produce psychological stress does not generate new pressure, leading to the recognition of existing facts. When you understand why these people and things will form psychological pressure, you can betterDeal with these pressures.

  To treat and deal with psychological stress correctly, we must be willing to change the status quo.

When you recognize the various psychological stress factors in your life, you must be willing to change the status quo and take stress seriously.

Arranging time to deal with psychological stress is actually a preventive health care for your body.

  It should be understood that the health investment spent on maintaining your body will be a good return, making you a viable and enjoyable.

There are many ways to deal with psychological stress correctly, but you must understand that no single method is the best way. Everyone must find out the method that suits them best.

Only by using different methods boldly can you know that some methods are best for you.

When you know the method that suits you, you must use it often.

  Exercise is one of the best ways to deal with psychological stress. It can increase the amount of cardiopulmonary activity and share the excess stress hormones produced by psychological stress in the body.

Normal exercise can improve the body’s tolerance and make the body react more slowly to external stressors.

Studies have shown that regular exercise can be decompressed to help people improve their mental state and reduce depression. Long-term exercise can improve people’s tolerance to stress.

Exercise should be slow, easy to start, and proceed step by step. With three minutes of enthusiastic exercise, the anticlimactic does not help to deal with stress.

  Self-adjustment is also a very effective way to deal with psychological stress. In fact, it is to learn how to relax yourself, to abandon troubles, and to calm down.

Qigong is an effective way to help self-adjustment. Drawing and drawing, planting flowers and grass can also help to cultivate temperament and improve self-adjustment.

Faced with a lot of pressure, sleep first and then help to adjust.

Research by the National Institutes of Health has shown that self-regulation and similar self-relaxation contribute to health and promote quality of life.

Yoga from India is also an effective way to deal with stress. Yoga combines exercise and self-regulation to help create a relaxing environment in the body.

Psychological suggestive therapy, muscle relaxation therapy, massage and biofeedback are also some of the ways to help with stress.

  In fact, the key to deciding whether or not to successfully deal with the psychological pressures faced is not the method used, but the determination to change the status quo.

Many psychological pressures are related to long-term personal habits. Jiangshan is easy to change and its nature is difficult to move.

It is not an easy task to change the habits that have formed over the years, but there is no difficulty in the world. I am afraid that people with habits can change things. The more difficult it is to change, the less effective after the change, and the successful handling of psychological stress can bring happiness to life.Can make your body healthy, why not?

Six eye care teas for eye protection

Six eye care teas for eye protection

When it comes to white-collar workers, the first thing people think of is the glamorous appearance. They can sit in the office comfortably every day. In fact, the white-collar workers are glamorous, but the body has hidden health risks. Sometimes they face the computer for a long time.Intervention, the skin will lack water, people will easily get tired. and so on. If you have physical problems, what should you do for this white-collar disease?

Chinese medicine recommends drinking more tea, which is good for the body and can effectively prevent radiation from the computer.

  Chrysanthemum tea: Mingmu Qinggan instead of a cup of chrysanthemum tea can clear fire, eyesight, and can resist radiation.

Therefore, chrysanthemum tea has become a common drink in various restaurants.

Chrysanthemum has a good effect on the treatment of eye fatigue and blurred vision. The Chinese people have known since ancient times that chrysanthemum has the effect of protecting the eyes.

Usually you can make a cup of chrysanthemum tea to drink, can make the symptoms of eye fatigue subsided, if you drink three to four cups of chrysanthemum tea every day, it is also helpful to restore vision.

  Green tea: It stimulates the central nervous system and refreshes green tea. It is an essential drink for those who work continuously for computers.

Green tea has a very good detoxification effect, can reduce blood lipids in the human body, fill phytonutrients, and eliminate dark circles caused by computer radiation.

The concentrated tea polyphenol contained in green tea can inhibit the damage of free radicals to skin supporting fibers, and is currently the most effective anti-free radical factor.

  Eucommia tea: blood and strong bones and longer sitting on the lumbar vertebrae have a long-term effect on the lumbar vertebrae, Eucommia has improved the symptoms of kidney deficiency, low back pain and weakness.

In addition, Eucommia is also very helpful for clearing the body waste. For the liver, heart, and serum superoxide anion, the free radical scavenging rate is 76.

More than 8%, the effect of reducing lipid peroxidation in liver tissue was 64%.

  Tea: The problem of sore eyes, fatigue, and deep vision continues to the computer, and the problem of vision is getting deeper and deeper?

He is especially good at eyesight, so it is also commonly known as “bright eyes.”

The doctors of the past generations used the treatment of hepatic blood deficiency, kidney yin deficiency caused by visual dim and night blindness, often using scorpions.

So if your eyes are dry, trying to use soaking water is a good health option.

  Jujube tea: In addition to fatigue, qi and refreshing for a long time facing the computer, it is easy to fatigue, so at this time prepare a cup of jujube tea, the material of which American ginseng can eliminate fatigue, enhance memory, but also help insomnia, red dates have to make upThe role of Qi and blood to refresh is a good choice for white-collar health.

The above five teas have good health effects for white-collar workers, and drinking tea does not cause any harm to the body. It also protects your eyesight and detoxification. You don’t hinder your preparation in your own office.Let’s have a look.

Eczema is not terrible, a few inconspicuous foods can solve big problems!

Eczema is not terrible, a few inconspicuous foods can solve big problems!

In the mid-season of the year, many people don’t like summer, just because the summer weather is hot, mainly for eczema patients, summer is a “bad dream”, because at this time, eczema is more frequent, stillIt is easy to repeat, and even affects patients with eczema in summer. For patients without eczema, it should be well protected in summer.

What is the appearance of eczema?

Why is eczema coming?

I don’t like to eat breakfast in the morning, I don’t like to eat breakfast in the morning, I don’t want to eat it, sometimes because I am too busy, I can’t even eat it, or eat too much food a day, the internal digestive system is damaged, the body’s moistureAccumulate to a certain extent, triggering eczema.

Long-term overnight, no normal rest, poor quality of sleep for a long time, leading to a decline in the body’s immunity, affecting their own skin, making endocrine abnormalities, increasing the chance of eczema.

When the summer arrives, the weather is hot. If someone moves a little, there will be a lot of sweat. If it is not cleaned in time, the pores inside the body will not be absorbed properly. As the bacteria grow, it is easy to “get on” eczema.

Eczema afflicts you, tells you a few treatments, bitter gourd can eat and can use, bitter gourd because it is not good to eat, bitter taste, many people “reject it”, but for eczema patientsIt has a lot of effects. Prepare a proper amount of bitter gourd, wash it with water, and smash it (remember to have a belt, so it is best). Apply it to the itchy area. It is effective for eczema. It can also be cold.Bitter melon, and other ways, after the body absorbs, clearing away heat and getting better.


2, eat more celery, celery contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and a lot of trace elements, can help remove the body’s moisture, can prevent the emergence of eczema.

3, Miao Gu skin Shu Ning, do not add any antibiotics and hormones, suitable for all skin patients such as eczema, urticaria, dermatitis, especially the elderly children with poor resistance.

It is made of Chinese herbal medicines such as white crane Ganoderma lucidum, Jiulixiang, Qixingjian, etc. It has the effect of cooling blood, promoting blood circulation, detoxifying and oozing.


The effect of using Miaogushen Shuning is very obvious. Its outstanding advantage is that Miaogushen Shuning will be different according to the severity of symptoms, so that patients can recover from 1-3 to get obvious therapeutic effect.

It is very effective for the treatment of eczema, urticaria, traumatic infections and other skin diseases. It is widely recognized by the population. Because of its good curative effect, the cure rate is over 90%. The company is known as the “315 Integrity Enterprise” product by the State Food and Drug Administration.Approved, safe and effective, can be found on the scouring, convenient and fast.


For nursing, you can’t turn a blind eye to daily care. You must do personal hygiene. In daily life, patients with eczema should be as comfortable and comfortable as possible. Choose pure cotton products, especially those who are allergic to silk hair. Avoid wrapping, wool, leather, or even down jacket.Wait.

The number of baths for eczema patients should not be too much, and the bathing time should not be too long.

This is because too many bathing times can easily cause the skin surface to protect the oil from escaping, the skin loses its protection, and the skin becomes more fragile.

It is best not to eat certain foods that are not easily digested by the body.

What is good for prostatitis?

What is good for prostatitis?

With the progress of society, the incidence of prostatitis is also on the rise, not only the middle-aged and the elderly, but its population has begun to become younger.

Therefore, male friends should pay high attention to excessive drinking, excessive massage, microbial infection, abnormal sexual life, direct oppression of the perineum, allergic reactions to certain viruses, can lead to prostatitis, so male friends should pay attention.

  Prostatitis, in fact, has long heard of its symptoms in life, but because the knowledge is not deeply understood, some people have ignored it.

The general slogan “frequent urination, urgency, urinary incontinence” is to describe the symptoms of prostatitis, but the general manifestations, prostatitis and other symptoms, such as: acute patients, will feel fatigue, fever, physical weakness, anorexiaInsomnia and other systemic symptoms; severe prostatitis patients will be changed to seminal vesicle infection, resulting in decreased sperm count, leading to male sexual dysfunction; other urination discomfort, urinary tract burning pain, urethral orifice with unclean secretions.

  Treating prostatitis depends not only on medical drugs, but also on daily diets. So I want to tell everyone about my experience and tell everyone what to eat.

  First, avoid irritating factors, drink less or not drink, eat less spicy and sweet products, reduce the intake of coffee, and eat less acidic foods such as citrus and orange juice.

  Second, eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and soy products, eat more honey to keep the stool smooth, and eat beef and eggs in moderation.

Mung beans are boiled into porridge, eaten after being cool, especially suitable for urination and pain.

In addition, you can eat seed foods such as ordinary sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds every day.

  Finally, don’t drink water because of frequent urination. Drink plenty of water to replace urine.

  Prostatitis should be rehabilitated. In addition to standard and reasonable treatment, the patient can completely break away from the shackles of prostatitis and restore health as soon as possible.

Qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency, yang deficiency, qi stagnation, congestion, phlegm and other physical health medicated diet

Qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency, yang deficiency, qi stagnation, congestion, phlegm and other physical health medicated diet


Qi deficiency constitution ◆ ginseng jujube tea material: 5 grams of ginseng, 5 red dates.

Practice: choose ginseng or Jilin ginseng 3 grams (sliced), or use a commercially available ginseng tea bag 1 bag; red dates 5, add water 250 ml, boil for 30 minutes, then ginseng into the ginseng, on behalf of the tea.

◆ Black bean lean broth material: 50 grams of black beans, 75-100 grams of pork lean meat (sliced).

Practice: first put the black beans into the pot, add some water, boil for 40 minutes until cooked, add the meat, cook, seasoning with oil, and even serve for several days.

◆ Jianpi cake materials: ginseng (Ginseng or Jilin ginseng) 5 grams, 15 grams of Huaishan, 500 grams of glutinous rice flour, brown sugar right amount.

Practice: first ginseng, Huaishan powder, and then mix with glutinous rice flour, brown sugar, add water, adjust into a cake, steamed in the cage.

It is eaten several times.

◆ Huangqi real rice material: 30 grams of Astragalus, 30 grams of medlar, 50 grams of previous rice.

Method: Wash the scutellaria, cut into slices, add some water, boil for 40 minutes, remove the juice from the slag, add the washed rice, simmer, cook, and add the lean pork to the meat when cooked.Edible.

Blood deficiency constitution ◆ Guiqi jujube tea materials: 10 grams of angelica, 15 grams of astragalus, 5 jujubes.

Practice: Add Angelica, Astragalus, and jujube to the casserole, add 3 bowls of water, boil for 30 minutes to 1 bowl, add the juice to the bowl, add 2 bowls of water, boil for 15 minutes, mix the juice twice, stir on behalf of the tea.Get in the morning and evening.

One dose a day.

◆ Huangjing Huangqi Decoction Material: 10 grams of Huang Jing, 250 grams of Astragalus, 3 slices of ginger, 20 ml of rice wine.

Practice: Wash the jaundice into the viscera, cut into sections, fry until half cooked with oil, add the essence of Huang Jing, ginger and rice wine into the casserole, add 500 ml of water, fry until the squid is cooked, remove the bones, add salt, and taste the MSG.You can drink soup.

◆ Black bean squid soup material: 15 grams of black beans, 1 squid (about 500 grams).

Practice: Wash the black beans for use; remove the squid and go to the intestines, add the black beans to the pot, add 500 ml of water, cook until black beans, squid cooked, salt, monosodium glutamate, drink soup and eat squid.

1 time the next day.


Yin deficiency constitution of medicine ◆ Gongju rock candy tea material: Gongju 15 grams, 10 grams of rock sugar.

Measures: Add Gongju to the teapot, boil and boil water, rush into the teapot, soak for 2 minutes, pour the chrysanthemum tea into the cup, add the appropriate amount of rock sugar, and dissolve frequently after overlapping.

Each pot of tea can be brewed for 3 rounds.

◆ Yuzhu rabbit broth material: 250 grams of rabbit meat, 30 grams of Polygonatum.

MSG, salt, the right amount.

Practice: wash the rabbit meat, cut into pieces, use boiling water to fly the water, wash the blood stains, put the rabbit meat into the stew pot, add a cold boiled water to a rice bowl, add the jade bamboo, stew for 1 hour, season, drinkSoup meat.

◆ Ejiao glutinous rice porridge material: 30 grams of Ejiao, glutinous rice l00 grams.

Practice: Put the washed glutinous rice in the pot, add 1000ml of water, boil and put in the end of the gelatin, simmer the porridge, 1 day, 7 days for a course of treatment.

◆ Lily porridge porridge material: Lily 15 grams, 10 grams of hawthorn meat, 100 grams of previous rice, brown sugar right amount.

Practice: Wash the lily, hawthorn meat, the previous rice into the pot, add 1000 ml of water, boil for 30 minutes into a porridge, add brown sugar.

2 times a day, morning and evening warm clothes.


Yang deficiency constitution ◆ ginger pepper 煲 lamb material: 30 grams of ginger, 3 grams of pepper, 250 grams of mutton, onions, ginger, pepper, the right amount.

Practice: Wash the ginger, peel it, cut it into thick slices, and wash the lamb into small pieces.

Add mutton chunks, ginger, pepper, and onions to the casserole and add some water. After the fire is boiled, use simmer for 3 hours and season.

◆ leek fried goat liver material: 50 grams of goat liver, leek lOO grams.

Practice: Wash the liver and slice the liver, wash the cut into pieces.

The amount of vegetable oil is poured into the wok. Use hot fire to heat it. First, stir the goat liver until it is half-cooked. Then pour in the leek and stir fry. Cook it and season it.Day l, 5 days for a course of treatment.

◆ Aiye red bean porridge material: 15 grams of Ai Ye, 30 grams of red beans, 100 grams of stalk rice.

Practice: Wash the leaves of Ai, red beans, and stalks into the pot, add some water, and cook with porridge.

2 times a day, no treatment.

◆ Amaranth fried walnuts material: 200 grams of leeks, 50 grams of walnuts, vegetable oil, salt.

Practice: Soak the walnut kernels in boiling water, drain and drain, and wash the vegetables.

When the vegetable oil is boiled to 70% heat, add walnut kernels, fry until browned, pick up, stir fry in the wok, pour in the leek, stir fry until cooked, pour in the walnuts and serve.


Qi stagnation medicinal diet ◆ turmeric ribs soup material: 250 grams of fresh ribs, 10 grams of turmeric, 10 grams of white peony.

Practice: Wash the fresh ribs, cut into pieces, and add the turmeric and white peony into the pot, add some water, add no salt and other seasonings, cook for half an hour on medium heat, until the soup color is milky white, seasoning can be eaten.

◆ bergamot lean broth material: one bergamot (about 150 grams), 250 grams of fresh pork.

Practice: Wash the bergamot with water, cut into sections, and put it into the pot together with the washed lean meat. Add appropriate amount of water. After the fire is boiled, change the simmer for 1 hour, seasoning for use, drink soup and meat and bergamot.

◆ pig’s trotters green radish soup material: one pig’s trotters, 200 grams of green radish, salt, onion, ginger, MSG amount.

Practice: Wash the trotters to the hair and cut into pieces, add casserole, add 500 ml of water to cook the trotters in medium heat, then cook into the green radish until the theme is cooked, add salt, chopped green onion, ginger, MSG, etc.After eating, even eat for 3 days.


Bloody physique diet ◆ Tianqi 煲 lean meat material: 15 grams of hawthorn, 150 grams of fresh lean meat, brown sugar right amount.

Practice: Wash the fresh lean meat, cut into pieces, put the pot with the washed hawthorn slices, add 500 ml of water, cook for 30 minutes, add brown sugar and cook for another 5 minutes, drink soup and eat meat, one dose a day.

◆ Motherwort fried fish fillet material: 30 grams of motherwort, 150 grams of fish, white wine, ginger, salt, lotus root and other appropriate amount.

Practice: Wash the motherwort for spare, wash the fish, slice, add the appropriate amount of white wine, ginger, salt, and glutinous rice and mix well.

Burn the red wok, add some oil, pour the motherwort, fry until 8 mature, into the pot.

Put up the oil pan, pour in the fillets, stir-fry, add the motherwort and stir-fry for a while, season and serve.

◆ Tianqi stewed chicken material: 10 grams of Tianqi, 250 grams of chicken, salt and salt.

Practice: Tianqi (breaking), put it in the stew with chicken, add some water, steam for 2 hours, add salt and eat immediately.

Take 1 dose daily and take it twice.

◆ steamed black fungus material: black fungus 30 grams, 3 grams of basil, oil, salt, ginger and appropriate amount.

Practice: Wash black fungus, drain the water for use, wash the basil, shred.

Put the black fungus and basil into the pot, add the appropriate amount of raw oil, salt, ginger and mix well.

Put the dish into the pot and steam for 15 minutes, then serve.

Eat 1-2 times a week.

Damp-heating medicinal diet ◆ Malan tea material: fresh leeks root 30 grams (dry product 15 grams), candied dates 2 tablets.

Practice: Fresh leeks roots washed and cut into sections, put the pot with candied dates, add some water, fry into medicated tea, frequently drink.

◆Cockscomb turtle material: 60 grams of cockscomb, 1 grass turtle.

Practice: Put the turtle into the intestines, boil it with boiling water, go to the epidermis leucorrhea, then put all the ingredients into the pot, add the cockscomb flower, add the right amount of water, boil and simmer for 2 hours, seasoning for use.

◆ lotus seed glutinous rice glutinous meat material: lotus seed 60 grams of coix seed 60 grams of meat 120 grams.

Practice: lotus seeds peeled, heart, barley washed, chopped meat into thin slices, a total of casserole, add water 750 ml, simmer for 1 hour, even served 7?
10 days.

◆ 椿 root skin honey material: 30 grams of white root skin (60 grams of fresh products), 300 ml of water, 30 grams of honey (or white sugar).

Practice: Wash the roots of white roots, add 500 ml of water, fry into 150 ml, remove the juice, and transfer to honey to eat.

8.痰 体 physique diet ◆ Chuanbei 煲 pork material: Chuanbei 15 grams, 100 grams of lean pork, salt amount.

Practice: Wash and cut the pork lean meat, put it into the pot together with Chuanbei, add some water, boil the fire and then use the simmer for 2 hours, seasoning is gram.
◆ Atractylodes porridge material: 10 grams of Atractylodes, 10 grams of chicken gold, 3 grams of dried tangerine peel, 60 grams of rice.
Practice: Wash the atractylodes, chicken inner gold, dried tangerine peel, put it into the pot, add some water, fry the juice, go to the slag, and wash the porridge before washing.

Seasoning, porridge in the morning and evening, the right amount.

◆ glutinous rice lentils hawthorn porridge materials: 60 grams of glutinous rice, fried lentils 15 grams, 200 grams of stalked rice, brown sugar right amount.

Practice: Wash glutinous rice, fried lentils, stalked rice in the same pot, add 1500 ml of water, cook into porridge, seasoning, 1 dose per day, even 7 per month?
8 doses.

◆ Orange peel porridge material: 15 grams of orange peel (30 grams of fresh), 100 grams of previous rice.

Practice: first take the orange peel first to take the liquid to the residue, and then add the previous rice porridge in the juice.

Or dry the orange peel, research into fine, use 5 grams each time, transfer to the boiled porridge, take 1 time a day.


Peaceful medicinal diet ◆ oxtail potato tomato soup material: 500 grams of oxtail, 150 grams of potatoes, 1 tomato.

Practice: oxtail peeled, washed, smashed into large pieces; potatoes peeled, cut thick; wash tomatoes, cut into 4 pieces.

Put the oxtail into the pot, add 2000 ml of water, boil the fire and simmer for 2 hours. Add the potatoes and cook for 20 minutes. Season and serve.

◆ Lemon 煲 duck material: one light duck, one fresh lemon, three ginger, 1/2 tbsp sugar.

Measures: Light duck to remove internal organs, add duck tail, add boiling water for 5 minutes, remove and wash; lemon washed, cut into thin slices; put 1500 ml of water in the pot, boil, add ginger, duck, turn to simmer 2In the hour, put the lemon slices in the clams for about 30 minutes, add the salt, mix well with the sugar, and serve hot.

◆Snowy stewed papaya material: 5 grams of ferrets, 1 papaya, and the amount of crystal sugar.

Practice: the snow licking cream is soaked, opened to impurities, rinsed clean; clean papaya, split in half.

Pour the snow sorrel into the cavity of the papaya, add the rock sugar, put the papaya into the stew, add 1 bowl of water, and place the simmer in the water for 1 hour.

◆ Huaishan 煲 pigeon material: Take 15 grams of Huaishan, 15 grams of lotus seeds, 1 pigeon, salt, ginger, and onions.

Practice: first wash the yam, lotus seeds, pigeons, and then remove the internal organs of the pigeons; put the pigeons in the boiling water in the pot, add ginger, scallions for about 3 minutes, remove and rinse;Pour the broth into the clams, boil and add the pigeons, ginger slices, and diced green onions for another 30 minutes. Slowly simmer for two hours and add salt to serve.