[Coffee biscuits practice]_ common practice of coffee biscuits _ coffee biscuits practice Daquan _ how to make coffee biscuits

[Coffee biscuits practice]_ common practice of coffee biscuits _ coffee biscuits practice Daquan _ how to make coffee biscuits

Many people now work and live alone and want to learn how to cook, but they can’t do it well.

In order to solve this problem, I will now teach you how to make coffee cookies.


12 Ready for material 2.

21 Butter cut into small pieces, soften and mix with powdered sugar 3 at room temperature.

Whisk to loose hair 4.

Add egg yolk and mix well 5.

Sift into low powder and mix well 6.

Sift the coffee powder and stir well.

Stir into a thick batter, and make a round 8 by hand.

Preheat the oven at 150 ° C and bake for 15 minutes in the middle. 9

After taking it out, sprinkle the powdered sugar while hot and watch the introduction of the coffee biscuits above. You must be eager to try it.

Then, while you have the latest and most complete memories, go to the kitchen and learn to do it.

Of course, the average person cannot succeed at once.

But try again and again, you can definitely enjoy the “sweetness” of the food.

[Can you eat Houttuynia cordata during pregnancy]_Pregnancy period_Can you eat

[Can you eat Houttuynia cordata during pregnancy]_Pregnancy period_Can you eat

Everyone knows that women need to pay attention to their diet during pregnancy, and some women do not pay attention to their diet after giving birth.

In fact, the diet after production is also necessary to pay attention to, because the baby must be provided with breast milk, the mother needs to eat some nutrients that will not harm the baby.

Do some people know that Houttuynia can be eaten during pregnancy?

If you want to know, let’s take a closer look.

Can pregnant women eat Houttuynia cordata?

Pregnant women can eat fold ears.

However, note that because of the special smell of Fructus Root, if the pregnant woman can’t stand the smell, you can choose not to eat it.


Folding ear root has a very high nutritional value, and because it is also a substance that is used as medicine, for pregnant women, it is considered to be both food and medicine.


When eating normally, pregnant women can choose to eat freely, because this substance is found after a large amount of use, and there is almost no replacement at all.

Therefore, pregnant women can eat as much as possible.


When choosing, remember that it is better to choose a fishy flavor, which is better.

Don’t choose those dried ears that have no fishy smell, otherwise it won’t work.


Folding ear root is not recommended for pregnant women to eat cold salad. In the best case, it is fried into hot food. This way, the effect is better, and there is no accident.

Of course, when eating, if you smell and vomit, it is not recommended.

Ingredients for foldable ear root recipes suitable for pregnant women: Pig liver (appropriate amount), Houttuynia cordata (appropriate amount) Seasoning: green pepper (appropriate amount), shallot (appropriate amount), raw soy sauce (appropriate amount), old soy sauce (appropriate amount), cooking wine (appropriate amount) , Starch (appropriate amount), salt (appropriate amount), sugar (appropriate amount) 1.

The houttuynia cordata that Mimi just dug out is also called Pleurotus ostreatus. This season, the leaves are a bit old and mainly eat the roots.


Select the roots and clean them.


Remove the fibrous roots.


Houttuynia cordata liver material country.


Change the pork liver to a knife, add a tablespoon of salt, and wash with water until there is no blood.


If you have enough time, you can soak for ten minutes.


Drain the liver tablets into a bowl, add cooking wine, soy sauce, old soy sauce, salt, pepper, and starch.


Shredded green peppers, Houttuynia cordata.


Heat the wok and heat the wok, pour the oil, and warm the oil and cleanse the liver.


Disperse and pan out.

Leave a little oil on the bottom of the pan and fry chives 12.
Stir fry green peppers.

Return the liver tablets to the pot.


Add Houttuynia after turning evenly.


Add a bit of sugar, a pinch of salt, a spoonful of soy sauce and season.

[Efficacy and role of black bean chicken soup]_Inevitable_Benefits

[Efficacy and role of black bean chicken soup]_Inevitable_Benefits

In our daily catering, some foods have certain health effects, and some sub-health problems can be improved through diet. Among them, black bean chicken soup is a common health diet, but what is the efficacy and role of black bean chicken soup

We know that black beans are rich in nutrients, and chicken soup also has a tonic effect, so regular drinking has a good effect on kidney yin, moisturizing kidney and dampness.

Efficacy of Black Bean Black Chicken Soup Shouwu Black Bean Black Chicken Soup is a commonly used medicinal diet for the treatment of hyperlipidemia. Polygonum multiflorum is medicinal, has good liver and kidney, nourishing essence and blood, and black soybean Li Shizhen described it as “good water”.

This crystal not only replenishes kidney yin, nourishes kidneys, but also strengthens the spleen and kidneys, has good water and dampness, and has good nourishing and anti-aging functions.Damage various diseases.

Applying three things together, taking stew and taking soup, the soup is delicious, and the tonic is greatly increased. They play a role in nourishing yin and nourishing blood, nourishing liver and kidney, and reducing blood fat.

Black Bean Black Chicken Soup can nourish blood and beauty, black hair, and soothe the nerves.

Black beans have the effects of nourishing the liver and kidney, promoting blood circulation, enriching the skin, etc. Jiufu can make the skin white and smooth.

Polygonum multiflorum supplements liver and kidney, nourishing essence and blood.

The black spleen strengthens the spleen, replenishes yin and reduces fever.

Jujube is good for spleen and stomach.

Black beans stewed black chicken, black beans to soak 1, slaughter black chicken to remove hair and internal organs, wash and set aside.


Add black beans and stir-fry in an iron pan until the bean coat is cracked, then rinse with water and dry for later use.

Method 1, slaughter black chickens to remove hair and internal organs, wash them for future use.


Add black beans and stir-fry in an iron pan until the bean coat is cracked, then rinse with water and dry for later use.


Polygonum multiflorum, red dates, and ginger are cleaned separately, the red dates are pitted, the ginger is peeled and sliced, and set aside.


Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, boil it with violent fire, add black beans, Polygonum multiflorum, black chicken, red dates and ginger, switch to medium heat and continue to cook for about 3 hours, add an appropriate amount of refined salt, and add soup.

Black Bean Efficacy and Function 1. Black Bean Efficacy and Function delays the aging of the body, because black beans are rich in protein, which can delay the aging of the body.

2. The efficacy and effect of black beans reduce blood sugar, because trypsin and chymotrypsin contained in black beans can enhance functions, improve the function of insulin, and effectively reduce blood sugar.

3, the efficacy and role of black beans to clear heat and detoxify, because black beans contain vitamins and melanin, which can be converted into clearing heat and detoxify.

4, black beans efficacy and role of blood and kidney nourishment mentioned from the beginning that black beans have the effect of nourishing kidney, can also nourish blood, with nutritional health care.

5, the effect of black beans and spleen 6, the effect of black beans and hydration 7, the effect of black beans and detoxification 8, the effect of black beans and scabies (mainly the skin of black beans).

) 9, the efficacy and role of black beans treatment of white hair and black soybean food supplement has a certain effect on the growth inhibition of white hair, but can not talk about treatment, the growth of white hair needs to start from the root to have a good effect.


Polygonum multiflorum, red dates, and ginger are cleaned separately, the red dates are pitted, the ginger is peeled and sliced, and set aside.


Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, boil it with violent fire, add black beans, Polygonum multiflorum, black chicken, red dates and ginger, switch to medium heat and continue to cook for about 3 hours, add an appropriate amount of refined salt, and add soup.

Ping An Bank (000001): Risk release reinforces performance foundation and boosts interest rate spread

Ping An Bank (000001): Risk release reinforces performance foundation and boosts interest rate spread

Event Overview Ping An Bank’s 2019 annual financial report: The company achieved operating income of 1,379 in 2019.

580,000 yuan, an increase of 18 in ten years.

2%; net profit attributable to mother is 281.

95 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.

6%; bad rate 1.

65% (-10bps / -3bpsQoQ), provision coverage rate of 183% (+27.

9pct YoY / -3pct QoQ); the proposed dividend is 2 for every 10 shares.

18 yuan (including tax).

  Analysis and judgment: In recent years, with the in-depth transformation of the retail business and the streamlining of business operations to reduce risks, the overall profit growth rate in 2019 has reached a new high of nearly five years. Financial statements have been more balanced in the business structure and risks have been releasedMore healthy, the subsequent performance growth will be more stable.

At the same time, the public business has a significant boost under the transformation strategy of “doing fine work for the public” in 2019, and the total loan and deposit has increased significantly, better than market expectations.

The revenue in 2019 is more solid, and the interest margin has even significantly increased. In 2019, Ping An Bank will realize a further increase in net profit returned to its mother.

6%, of which, revenue growth rate was 18.

2%, profit growth before provision is higher than revenue growth1.

3 units.

The contribution of profits mainly comes from the stability of the revenue side. Among them, the significant rise in the main interest margin has led to an increase in net interest income by 20.

4% (only 1% growth 18 years ago).

The interest rate spread in 2019 exceeded 26BP, which is mainly due to the contribution of the denial. The main points of the split are: 1) the growth of interest rate demand deposits has turned positive and significantly increased, with an increase of 12%.

5% (-18 in -6.

7%), which is mainly the contribution of the company’s demand deposit growth; 2) In 19 years, the overall active compensation costs fell due to loose liquidity in the financial market.

  In terms of credit structure, credit in 2019 is mainly invested in corporate and retail credit cards and home mortgage loans. On the basis of the existing structure, retail loans include high-yield residential mortgages, car loans and consumer loans, accounting for more than 50% of total loans.Under the background of the decline in credit and market interest rates, the industry’s overall asset-side pricing downward pressure has broken through, and it is expected that the company’s interest margin will even fall.

The risks are fully exposed, and the future will be light-loaded. The rising trend of retail loan NPL ratio is worth paying attention to. After 18 to 19 years of centralized disposal of risk assets, the company’s NPL ratio reached a high point at the end of 18, and the company’s asset quality in 2019 was obviouslyImprove, fall quarter by quarter.

From the perspective of non-performing forward-looking indicators, attention-oriented loans and loans overdue for more than 90 days also dropped significantly. Among them, the proportion of loans overdue for more than 60 days at the end of 2019 also decreased by 34BP, while the replacement ratio dropped to 1 after 90 days over 18 years.After that, over 60 days overdue at the end of 19 also fell below 1.

In terms of risk offset, the provision coverage ratio of loans overdue for more than 60 days also reached 190%, and the risk offset capability was significantly improved.

According to the current asset quality and risk offset level, the company’s high probability of credit costs will begin to enter the downward phase in the future.

From a structural point of view, the credit cost of corporate loans has declined significantly, but the credit cost of retail loans has significantly increased in 2019 due to the increase in non-performing ratio.

In the future, we need to pay attention to the upward situation of retail loan asset quality.

The retail business transition has continued to consolidate and the business balance has been improved. In the future, the gradual transformation will be oriented to digital, scene, and platform. In recent years, the contribution of retail business to overall revenue and profit has continued to increase.More than 50%, in 2019, the proportion of retail business in revenue and profit maximization were 58% and 69%, respectively. The revenue ratio continued to increase by five alternatives, and the profit ratio continued to strengthen.

In 2020, the company’s retail business will enter a new stage of in-depth transformation. In the future, driven by comprehensive financial and technological innovation, the foundation of the retail business will be further consolidated.

  To sum up, the quality of the company’s performance in 2019 will be more consolidated, and the subsequent growth rate will be more stable.

In the future, the company’s business will have stability and growth. Considering the weak economic environment of the current industry and the policy guidance of the downward interest rate, the downward margin of the company’s future interest and the asset 杭州桑拿网 quality of retail loans need to be actively paid attention.The company’s overweight investment rating.

The company’s 2020 performance growth rate is expected to be 11%, which corresponds to the current expected net city interest rate of 0.

96 times.

  Risk reminders 1) The economy has dropped significantly; 2) The credit risk has increased significantly; 3) The company’s operating risks.

Construction investment strategy: Is the market rising driven by MSCI?

Is the cause but not the main cause

Construction investment strategy: Is the market rising driven by MSCI?
Is the cause but not the main cause

[Construction Investment Strategy Zhang Yulong Team]Is the market growth driven by MSCI?

  Source: Yulong’s Financial Theory and Practice Event: On November 1, 2019, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index increased by 0.

99%, Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.


The home appliance sector rose 6.

51%, leading the two cities.

  Comments: 1.
Underestimated blue chips dominate the stagflation environment. On November 1, 2019, the market grew significantly, with home appliances, building materials, banks, automobiles, and non-bank financial growth increasing.

This is consistent with the market’s performance since October 2019: undervalued blue chip stocks with abundant cash flow continue to dominate.

  After the National Day, China’s economy has exhibited stagflation.

CPI continued to rise with pork prices reaching 3.


But GDP growth rate is only 6.

0%, and the industrial added value is only 5.


The market expected CPI prices will 重庆耍耍网 continue to rise, reaching a high point before the Spring Festival in 2020.

In this case, interest rates continue to rise.

The autumn market driven by growth stocks in the third quarter of 2019 ended.

The market initially estimated and turned to undervalued blue-chip stocks.

Is the market rise related to MSCI except A shares?

  The main driver of the market today is the home appliance sector, with a growth rate of 6.

51%, while the Maotai and other food and beverage sectors, which have long been favored by foreign countries, rose only 0.

9%, the banking sector rose by 2.


If the continued inflow of foreign countries drives the market to rise, then the growth of the food and beverage, banking, and real estate sectors represented by Maotai is close to that of the home appliance sector.

Therefore, MSCI except A shares was the reason for last week, but it is not preliminary.

Household appliances performance exceeded expectations is the reason for growth. From the three quarterly results, the household appliance industry’s operating income growth rate remained stable at about 5%, but overall operating profit growth rate reached 14.

62%, higher than the quarterly report of 8.

23% and Interim 9.

68% growth rate per second.

Comparing the growth rate of food and beverage and bank performance, the growth rate of food and beverage and bank performance are comparable to the first quarter and intermediate reports, respectively, 12% and 7%.

Therefore, the better-than-expected performance of the home appliance industry is an important reason for market growth.

Investment strategy: Before the Spring Festival in January 2020, high CPI operation was the main line of the market, and the decline in interest rates was still in the process of interruption.
We maintain our upward market turbulence judgment. We will continue to underestimate and perform well in the short term, but we recommend moving from banks to more cost-effective industries such as home appliances, construction and real estate.

Long-term is still a two-wheel drive of technology + consumption.

We have always been outstanding in the context of financial supply-side reforms, the allocation value of securities firms, especially leading securities firms.

Linglong Tire (601966) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Performance Maintains High Growth Optimistic for Long-term Development

Linglong Tire (601966) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Performance Maintains High Growth Optimistic for Long-term Development

The performance was in line with expectations, and the company’s rapid profit growth achieved revenue of 125 in the first three quarters.

0.9 billion (+13.

26%), achieving net profit of return to mother 12.

1.4 billion (+37.

38%), of which 4,480 were gradually produced and sold.

40 thousand and 4228.

30,000 articles, each growing by 10 each year.

94% and 8.

74%, in line with expectations.

In the third quarter alone, the company achieved revenue of 41.

RMB 990,000 (+10.

43%), realizing net profit attributable to mothers4.

8.9 billion (+35.

80%), and completed 1574 sales.

20 thousand and 1470.

50,000, with a growth rate of 16 each year.

60% and 10.


The expense ratio increased, and the gross profit margin continued to improve. The company’s expense ratio increased by 1 in the first three quarters.

52 points, up to 15.


Of which selling expenses are 5.

97%, an increase of 0.

12pct, the company invested in advertising, the increase in transportation costs; management costs increased by 3.

03%, an increase of 0.

15pct, due to the rapid growth of production capacity and the increase in management personnel; financial expenses1.

89%, an increase of 0.

74pct, the interest rate expenditure, the exchange gains decreased.

R & D expenses 4.

23%, an increase of 0.

52 points.

The company’s gross profit margin for the first three quarters was 26.

00%, rising by 2 every year.

53pct with a net interest rate of 9.

71%, rising by 1 every year.

71pct, product replacement 293.

99 yuan, an annual increase of 4.

twenty four%.The gross profit margin in the third quarter was 27.

52%, up 4 each year.

75pct, an increase of 1 from the previous quarter.

43pct with a net interest rate of 11.

65%, up 2 every year.

18pct, the total cost of main raw materials has been reduced by 7.


Q3 product average price is 282.

81 yuan, basically basically the same, due to the decline in the price of raw materials and the Q3 semi-steel tire ratio increased.

Overseas expansion of production improves short-term profitability, supporting the promotion of long-term ASP additional income and circumvention of trade barriers. Overseas factories have become the company’s main source of profit.

At present, the third phase of the Thai plant has reached capacity in the middle of the year. At the same time, it is undergoing technological upgrading and upgrading, and the production capacity is increasing. The initial construction of the Serbian factory is scheduled to begin production by the end of 2020. The continuous growth of overseas production capacity will improve the company’s short-term profitability.

In the long run, the company has entered the supply system of mainstream car companies such as Dongfeng Nissan, Renault Nissan, Volkswagen, Ford and GM. The product has a significant price advantage. Under the background of cost reduction and efficiency improvement by OEMs, the breakthrough of the main tire can be expected.Expected.
The domestic semi-steel tire leader maintains a “buy” rating for its short-term overseas expansion production and thickening 四川耍耍网 performance. Long-term ASP can be expected. Considering the continued prosperity of the Thai factory, we raised the company’s 19-year net profit forecast from 1.5 billion to 1.6 billion.It is expected that the profit for the year of 19/20/21 will be 1.



75 yuan, corresponding to a dynamic price-earnings ratio of 15.



0x, maintain BUY rating.

Risk warning: The factory put into operation exceeds expectations, the prices of raw materials are rising rapidly, and the progress of supporting facilities exceeds expectations.

Get rid of Qiuzao’s favorite moisturizing coup _1

Get rid of Qiuzao’s favorite moisturizing coup

Autumn is here, the skin is tight, peeling, dry . be careful, this is your skin’s emotional mood.

For women in water, no matter what season, replenishing water is a task that cannot be ignored.

Of course, you don’t need to worry about the complexity of traditional moisturizing procedures. Today the editor will teach you 12 simple and effective moisturizing methods. You must also take care of skin care at home. With simple skin care methods, you can no longer be lazy!

Coup # 1: Drink plenty of water!

  Drinking more water is the best and easiest way to skin care. It can not only accelerate the metabolism, expel excess waste out of the body, but also keep the moisture film on the skin’s surface layer at any time to maintain moisturizing and elasticity.

Tip 2: Put a basin of water in the room and let it dry for you.

  In order to avoid the loss of water under the silent air conditioner, it is recommended that you put a basin of water in the room to maintain the humidity in the room and let the air conditioner take away the water from the basin instead of your body.

Of course, putting a washbasin is not very good-looking. If the room is large enough, it is a good idea to put a small fish tank, taking into account the beauty and practical effect.

Coup 3: Apply a thick layer of lotion to the bladder at night.

  Doors and windows are closed at night, the room is dry, and the face is tight.

It doesn’t matter, apply two or three layers of your moisturizing lotion thickly. The moisturizing factor in the lotion can leave moisture in the stratum corneum and prevent it from losing too much.

Coup 4: Set up green plants to give you a fresh environment.

  Usually put a small plant near the table and let it integrate into a small air filter to make you feel fresher.

The water in the basin also helps reduce the power of the air conditioner killer.

The lady who stays in the air-conditioned room all day is even more in need.

Coup 5: Lotion + paper mask is effective and saves money.

  Applying a moisturizing mask every day is too luxurious. Now I will teach you a simpler method.

Use your usual lotion (it must be alcohol-free to prevent irritation and allergies). Pour it on the paper mask, apply it to your face, relax for 10 minutes, and immediately glow, you will feel the skin’s elasticity immediately.

Tip 6: When traveling for a long time, after sun exposure, apply some moisturizing lotion.

  If you want a short trip during the 11th holiday, you must remember to replenish your skin at any time.

The moisturizing spray lotion is refreshing and non-sticky, so that the interstices of your cells are filled with sufficient moisturizing factors at any time. It can increase skin moisturization even more than water, and you can spray even after applying makeup.

Tip 7: The air-conditioned room is very comfortable, but don’t stay too long.

  In the dry autumn that is close to winter, the humidity of the entire environment has decreased, and the skin is already feeling a little tight. If you are the type of person who cannot do without air conditioning, please force yourself to drink at least two liters of water a day, about a large bottle of mineral water plus a small bottleMineral water, not thirsty does not mean there is no shortage of water!

Coup 8: Quickly moisturizing mask, quickly bright and beautiful.

  Quick mask pack in vacuum single sheet, save you the trouble of using paper mask and lotion, and it usually soaks the mask sheet with moisturizing essence, which is more precious than lotion, and the unit price is usually higher.actual.

Coup 9: Insufficient lotion to solve “muscle thirst”, multiple bottles of moisturizing essence!

  The moisturizing essence has a smaller molecular volume than the emulsion and can penetrate into the stratum corneum to moisturize dry cells.

First apply the essence and then apply the lotion, the lotion will be like a hat, covering the essence tightly under the surface, prolonging the time for the water to evaporate.

Coup 10: Baby care products keep you moist.

  The top, joints, and corners of the mouth often experience dry peeling. When you wear a short skirt, you always feel that it is not elegant. After taking a bath, you can apply baby oil to dry areas to improve the desquamation phenomenon.

However, dermatologists warn that baby oil is not for you if you have had follicular keratosis (small dots on the surface of the skin).

Coup 11: Use the steam from your bath to save time.

  Apply a moisturizing mask, preferably in the bathroom, with steam to help, and the ingredients in the mask are more easily and quickly absorbed.

In addition, use a deep cleansing mask, not in a place with heavy moisture. It relies on the tensile force after the mask dries to adsorb the dirt in the pores. If the moisture is too heavy, the mask will not be dry that day.

Coup 12: Take a sauna, take a hot bath, don’t forget to put a bottle of water beside you.

  When taking a sauna, it is the time when a large amount of water is lost inside the body. The hot steam makes the body sweat and waste continuously discharge. It is important to replenish the body water at any time, so as to promote the smooth metabolism cycle.

Be careful these symptoms after meals are a sign of illness

Be careful these symptoms after meals are a sign of illness

People take food as the sky. After eating beautiful meals, they always feel particularly satisfied.

However, some people have various symptoms after eating.

Such as local pain, swelling, heartburn, pantothenic acid, belching and other symptoms.

If you have these symptoms, don’t care, these problems during meals may help you find some hidden diseases earlier!


Appetite is strong, and even hyperactive. The more you eat, the more you want to eat. After eating, you often feel dry mouth, usually drinking more water, and urinating more, but losing weight. This is a unique symptom of diabetes.


After eating greasy food, you feel pain in the upper right abdomen and radiate to the back of the right shoulder. It is likely to have cholecystitis or bile duct disease.


Often poor appetite, thin stools, prolonged times, diarrhea due to eating a little greasy food, which is due to the decline in body function, which may lead to disease transmission.


Sudden loss of appetite, lack of diet, greasy anorexia, tired body, calf pain, weakness, urine color such as strong tea, yellow eyes and whites are very likely to suffer from jaundice hepatitis.


Appetite is good, but weight gradually decreases, accompanied by fatigue, heat, sweating, irritability, flushing, eyeballs, etc. Be alert to hyperthyroidism.


After eating, the abdominal distension worsens, and it can be alleviated after lying flat. There is often belching, sometimes constipation or diarrhea, and multiple wasting in the body is likely to be a manifestation of gastric sagging.


Shortly after eating, I felt dry and had a dull pain in the upper abdomen and spit out sour water. Eating a few foods will improve the symptoms.

There is a feeling that early gastritis or gastric ulcers may be present.


Some people find it difficult to swallow, and even can only drink water or eat soups such as porridge. Sometimes they feel difficulty even swallowing and their bodies gradually lose weight, which indicates the possibility of esophageal cancer.

Women’s 15 sentences forced husband to divorce

Women’s 15 sentences forced husband to divorce

1. I’m officially late for dating. I don’t know when it will start. Girls like this “art of late dating.” Depending on her boyfriend’s patience, choose to be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes later than the previous appointment, and some even more.Long, to test her boyfriend’s feelings about it . to make her boyfriend wait for a bit of anxiety, a little worried, but not too angry, if a man really stood up and said: “Nothing for example!

“Then you won’t go next time.

However, usually men will tolerate their inner grievances, and will forcibly rejoice behind them: “It’s okay, I just arrived!

“Actually, he was sitting there desperately smoking a half pack of cigarettes.

  2. If your mother and I fell in the river, who would you save first?

  A very stupid ancient problem, which is actually not fun, and it is not human. For men, it is a cruel dilemma, and it can only force people to lie on the road of no return.

  3, “Do you love me?”

“,” How much love in the end?

I asked N times a day, and I never tire of it. The man was a little impatient, and immediately went to work to consider that he was not recognized by the other party. He repeatedly asked the man to write a blood book to make a life and death agreement. Compared with women, men’s brain sensory centersThere is at least a “contact” with the communication center. When he cannot easily say “I love you”, he usually does not express his current feelings, but solves a problem to let her know his intentions.

  4. It’s okay to cry for two and break up for three times. There is also a certain aesthetic value; it’s a little bit more troublesome, but there are also cute relatives; the lowest level is that the word must be “break up”, sharpen, and aggressiveIn fact, shouting “the wolf is here” is just a show, but it is annoying.

“Fake play” sometimes makes men “really do”, and men can’t bear the support of women.

  5. “Do you like Maggie Cheung?

“Then the man rejoiced and waited for his answer.

In fact, many times, women like to listen to a “perfect answer” instead of “real voice”, which makes men feel very tricky.

A person who pays no attention or has no thought to other women must be Sun Wukong or Tang Seng.

Most men are strengthening their sexual desires and fantasies by admiring women.

Once you have figured this out, you should stop forcing the tiger into a cat to catch the mouse. “Is it important to be friends or me to be important?

“Once in love, men lose their freedom.

If the boyfriend is playing or drinking with his buddies, and does not go to the girlfriend’s house to change the bulb in time, it is a very serious matter, because he lost face in front of his parents!

In order to show his “first” part, he always likes to dominate his boyfriend, let him betray his relatives, and be an orphan “love” person!

In fact, how much your boyfriend cares about you, he also needs friends. If a man is lonely because of his lust, then the cave is like a prison cell.

  7, be sure to diamond ring!

  Proposing marriage is a checkpoint and it’s about economic issues.

Girls like to compare and pass the pressure on to her boyfriend. If you do n’t have a diamond ring, do n’t think about “dyeing your fingers”

Anxiety before marriage can make a man run away.

Love needs proof, but don’t show off in vanity.

Men are used to lean on, and more so to hold.

8, pillow man’s arms fall asleep, in fact, causing men to be tired, women are not comfortable.

Don’t carry the bride’s shelf. Going to bed like a sedan is a big burden for a man.

If this kind of psychological satisfaction of women is based on the “nausea” of the husband, the husband will later regard the bed as “afraid of the way” and numb his hands and feet as soon as he lies down.

  9, sexual punishment If the husband does not agree with some of your unreasonable demands, “strike the bed”, throw the husband’s pillow and ask him to roll!

This act of using sex as a weapon to force a husband into aversion or compliance may eventually evolve into a husband ‘s sexual coldness. In the long run, men will have a sense of frustration. Therefore, this behavior is equivalent to torture a man and isThe kind of hit in the dead, once the pillow of hate seeds sprouts, the pillow becomes a time bomb!

  10. Discipline her husband in public and kick him under the table.

  A man’s face is bigger than his ass, so be careful.

Afraid of his wife Although some people call it “virtue”, but they are afraid that his wife is a bit “dead” because it hurts people!

A man who is weak is afraid of his wife, but what pride and self-esteem does a weak man have?

  11. It’s not good to be indifferent to your husband-in-law, but the relationship between husband and wife is the worst. Because of the war between two women, it is often the one who turns into cannon fodder.In this situation, the man must live a fierce life.

  12, check the phone out of the pocket to pay attention to the husband’s “life style problems”, the other is to check the husband’s “economic problems”: whether there is a small coffers, whether to conceal or falsely report income.Three words: distrust.

Men in this family who are begging for life must be oppressed and miserable. A little carelessness will make mistakes. It is a bit like combing hair to queen mother Empress Cixi.

  13, “Empty” his “fine” power to participate in her husband’s “homework” every night, not “romantic” does not matter, most afraid of her husband’s strength to “throw away” outside.

Therefore, Ye Ye Sheng Song, fell away; strong desire to possess these women become lionesses who lost their minds!

Don’t think that men are thinking about “sex” at all times. Men also think with their brains.

  14, “You’re dumb”, “What are you thinking.

“After having sex, a man in stress often loses his mind and loses self-control, so he is clumsy and overwhelmed. He must take simple actions to restore intimacy. If this is the case, the excited wife wants her husband to be like herMany, and let him think about some cutting-edge issues such as how “God Six” got to heaven, it was too difficult for him.

  15, “Neighbors have changed cars again!

“This kind of strong stimulus that hates iron and steel can cause men to be annoyed and to develop inferiority complexes, so some men who are anxious will blurt out:” Neighbors have also changed their wives! ”

“Many men believe that their financial status reflects their intrinsic value, because when you make fun of his income, you are actually despising his ability to be a man.

  Men are stressed, but they don’t bother to talk; men are bitter, but they have to be happy; after the ribs are pulled off, the man still needs to be very strong . At this time, the man, a woman he loves, a gesture, an expressionAn unintentional injury . can be fatal, so relatively speaking, women live longer than men; then, good women should give them a way out. In fact, they need more care.

What to do after food poisoning

What to do after food poisoning

What to do after food poisoning?

Three meals a day are essential for everyone every day, but if you don’t pay attention to diet hygiene, eating outdated foods by mistake can cause food poisoning.

Food poisoning refers to acute poisoning diseases caused by consumption of articles that are not good for human health. Food poisoning usually occurs without knowledge.

So what about food poisoning?

Let ‘s take a look at the coup.

  The first reaction after food poisoning is often abdominal discomfort. Those who are poisoned will initially feel abdominal distension, some patients will soon have abdominal pain, and some will have acute diarrhea.

Nausea is also associated with abdominal discomfort and subsequent vomiting.

  Food poisoning is caused by both individual and group poisoning.

The symptoms are mainly nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea, often accompanied by fever.

Severe vomiting can also cause symptoms such as dehydration, acidosis, and even shock and coma.

  Once someone has symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, first stop eating suspicious food at the same time, and immediately call the center 120 for help.

Before the ambulance arrives, the following self-rescue measures can be taken: 1. Those who have vomiting have no obvious vomiting soon after poisoning. They can use their fingers, chopsticks, etc. to stimulate the root of their tongue to induce vomiting.Induce vomiting to reduce the absorption of toxins.

  If after a large amount of warm water induces vomiting, when the vomit has become a clearer liquid, an appropriate amount of milk can be added to protect the gastric mucosa.

If bloody fluid is found in vomiting saliva, it may indicate that there may be gastrointestinal or pharyngeal bleeding, and vomiting should be temporarily stopped.

  2, catharsis If the patient eats poisonous food with time complications (such as more than two hours), and the spirit is better, you can use laxatives to promote the discharge of poisonous food.

The use of rhubarb and senna leaves for decoction or flushing with boiling water can achieve catharsis.

  3. If detoxification is caused by food poisoning caused by eating deteriorated fish, shrimp, crab, etc., take 100 ml of vinegar, add 200 ml of water, and take it once after replacement.

In addition, 30 grams of perilla and 10 grams of raw licorice may be used.

  If you eat a spoiled preservative or drink by mistake, the best first aid is to infuse fresh milk or other protein-containing drinks.

  After food poisoning, we should not panic. We should go to the hospital in time to report the situation to the doctor and explain what poisoning we eat, so that the doctor can test based on the food, so that we can know what the patient is poisoned, so that the doctor can facilitate the treatment.!!

I hope this kind of suggestion can be used by readers!

  4. Retaining food samples Because it is determined that the poisoning substance is for the treatment, after the food poisoning occurs, the food sample that caused the poisoning should be stored for the hospital to test.

If there is no food sample nearby, the patient’s vomit and feces can also be kept for the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment.

  Of course, this emergency treatment is only for the treatment of acute food poisoning. After the emergency treatment, patients should immediately enter the hospital for treatment.

At the same time pay attention to the food that causes poisoning, brake doctor to determine the poisoning substance.

  5. When the patient has the typical symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhea, tongue coating and limb numbness, dyskinesia (1).

To prevent suffocation caused by sudden death, the patient should lie on his side for easy vomiting.


During vomiting, do not let the patient drink water or eat food, but rehydrate immediately after vomiting stops.


Take a sample of vomit and stools and check with your doctor.


Such as abdominal pain and hypertension, a supine sleeping position with knee flexion can help relieve abdominal muscle tension.


The abdomen covers blankets to keep them warm, which helps blood circulation.

  6. When your face turns blue, sweats cold, and your pulse is weak, you should be taken to the hospital immediately. Beware of shock symptoms. Generally speaking, symptoms occur within a short period of time after eating.

Children and the elderly are highly sensitive and should be treated as soon as possible.

Food poisoning causes toxic shock and can be life threatening.