[Effects and effects of plum vinegar]_Inevitable_Benefits

[Effects and effects of plum vinegar]_Inevitable_Benefits

Many people usually like to eat sour things, especially in summer, sour and sweet things are very appetizing, some people usually like to eat plum vinegar, plum vinegar has the effect of weight loss, and if you eat plum vinegar,It can not only promote the metabolism of proteins, but also prevent slight accumulation. It has many benefits to the human body and can replace the toxins in the human body.

Plum vinegar can reduce weight and body weight, reconcile acidic constitution, accelerate metabolic detoxification, and can have a great help during weight loss.

For small partners with poor gastrointestinal system function, plum vinegar placed with some water can help digestion and improve constipation.

At the same time, often accompanied by plum vinegar can also control blood lipids to a relatively healthy level.

In addition to eating directly, you can also mix plum vinegar with cold white, and drizzle on top of cold bamboo shoots, bitter gourd and other small dishes.

Efficacy and effect of plum 1. Broad-spectrum antibiotics: It has been experimentally proven that the decoction of ume plum has an inhibitory effect on anthracnose, diphtheria and diphtheria, staphylococcus, pneumococcus, etc., and against Escherichia coli, dysentery dysentery, and deformation.Enteropathogenic bacteria such as Bacillus, typhoid and paratyphoid, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Vibrio cholerae are also effective; its ethanol extract has significant antibacterial effects on certain Gram-positive and negative bacteria, as well as human-type Mycobacterium tuberculosis; black plumDecoction in a test tube can inhibit the particle size of pathogenic skin, such as skin sores, floccus epidermatis, and gypsum-like bacillus; 2. Anti-allergic: decoction of ume plum and its mixture can reduce protein in guinea pigsThe number of animal deaths in shock also has a significant inhibitory effect on isolated rabbit intestines, which proves that ume can resist protein allergy; 3, promote bile secretion: ume can shrink the gallbladder, promote bile secretion and excretion, and is a good medicine for treating biliary ascariasis; 4. Jieshu Shengjin: Plum pulp contains more potassium. Sour plum soup made with ebony can prevent hypokalemia caused by excessive sweating, such as burnout, fatigue, and addiction.Sleeping and so on, is a good product for refreshing Jiexinshengjin; 5. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer: In vitro test of ebony has inhibitory effect on human cervical cancer, the inhibition rate is more than 90%, and eating plum meat can prevent cancer and anti-cancer, and prolong life.

Plums are alkaline foods.

Mixing with acidic food can improve the pH value of the human body and achieve the purpose of health.

Plums are warm, sweet, sour, enter the liver, spleen, lungs, and large intestine; have the effects of astringent lungs and cough, astringent intestines and diarrhea, removing annoyance and meditation, refreshing and thirsty, insecticidal sedatives, analgesic and analgesic; treating long cough, Deficiency fever and thirst, chronic malaria, chronic diarrhea, hematuria, hemorrhagic bleeding, abdominal cramps, and vomiting.

How to choose plums Select plum varieties with large fruit shapes, small cores, crisp greenish color, neat fruit shapes, plump, round spines, small cores, juicy, sweet flavored plums, generally filled with fruit-shaped fat and tender fillings, fruitThe surface is dry, there is no water mark, the fruit surface is fluffy and shiny, although the kernels have formed but the fruit is not full, it is high-quality fresh plums.

If the meat is crispy, it is over cooked.

Those whose fleshy flesh is too raw are sour and taste sour.